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Snorkelling Equipment

Whether you’re heading abroad to warmer seaside destinations or visiting coastal waters around the UK, there are some incredible underwater sights to be seen across the globe – and snorkelling is the perfect way to see them.

Here at Two Bare Feet, we want to help make your diving experience as amazing as possible, whether you’re a newbie or seasoned snorkeller. Our snorkel gear has been designed with you in mind, to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your time underwater.

Snorkelling is widely regarded as a great underwater sport for beginners. With minimal experience needed, any strong swimmer can embark on a snorkelling adventure. All that’s needed is the correct snorkelling equipment, a little safety knowledge, a buddy to jump in the water with and you’re ready to go.

From masks to snorkels, and fins to full snorkel sets, we have everything you need to get in the water without a fuss, available in your favourite colours for some enviable snorkelling style. 

Snorkel Masks

Our range of diving masks contains an option for everyone: whether you want a single lens mask for optimum viewing capabilities, or a double lens mask for their lightweight characteristics. Choose from our selection of super soft silicone masks, that are incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods, or a PVC mask, perfect for a shorter swimming session.


pvc silicone snorkelling equipment


Silicone Snorkels

Our snorkelling equipment category also features an impressive selection of snorkels. Choose between a dry top snorkel, which benefits from a specialist design which will allow you to dive below the surface without any water entering the tube, or a standard snorkel which boasts a large splash guard – designed to prevent water from suddenly getting in to your equipment while swimming on the surface.

Diving Fins

The ultimate way to generate some extra power, diving fins are an absolute must when snorkelling. Our extensive range includes shorter fins, ideal for swimming and bodyboarding, all the way up to professional standard fins that boast hydrodynamic technology for effortless power.

Snorkelling Sets

If you’re looking to get kitted out from scratch, our diving sets are the most cost-effective option you’ll find anywhere in the UK. Featuring different combinations of our high-quality, performance-driven diving equipment, including a mask, a snorkel and fins, our sets include everything anyone may need to dive straight in. With kids diving sets also available, there’s nothing stopping the whole family from getting involved. We even specialise in wetsuits for the whole family so you can have the ultimate diving experience even if you're in colder waters.