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Whether you’re new to diving or a seasoned professional, diving fins (occasionally known as flippers) are one piece of kit you can’t be without. Designed to aid easier and faster swimming, anyone using fins will find themselves using far less effort to gain impressive speeds in the water.

Here at Two Bare Feet we are dedicated to ensuring that divers of all experience and abilities are catered for. Our range of silicone dive fins includes everything from kids beginner flippers, all the way through to expert diving fins in a huge variety of colours and designs.

If you’re looking to get fully kitted out for your next dive adventure, be sure to check out of our range of diving sets, available for both adults and kids as well as our range of wetsuits for the whole family.


F99 adult flippers

Our F99 fins are the shortest adult fins in our range, making them extremely versatile – ideal for gaining extra speed when diving, as well as achieving that super powerful kicking action you’ll need while bodyboarding.

The short length of these fins means you’ll achieve optimum power without too much effort, and because they’re lightweight they are easy to transport. Complete with an adjustable heel strap and soft foot pocket, the F99s are designed to be worn barefoot.


F70 diving fins

Featuring a dual-composite design for added strength, our F70 dive fins are great for diving or just building extra speed when swimming. Finished with a soft foot hold and adjustable heel strap for maximum comfort, these fins are intended for barefoot use. However, they can be worn with wetsuit socks if you’re planning on venturing into colder water.

 Diving Fins variations


F52 diving fins

Whilst structurally very similar to the F70, our F52 range of diving fins also feature cutaway holes in the fin blades. This reduces water resistance, meaning they are easier to swim in. Divers who opt for these fins will find that they put in far less effort but will also experience less power.

As with the F70s, these dive fins benefit from a soft foot hold as well as an adjustable heel strap.


F89 childrens flippers

The perfect choice for your little one’s first snorkelling expedition, our F89 diving fins are easy to use and wear. Available in children’s size 9 all the way up to a UK4, they are available in a huge variety of colours and are designed to be worn barefoot.

The adjustable strap guarantees a comfortable fit, allowing for years of fun in water.


F75 open heel fins

If you’re looking to take your diving experience to a whole new level, F75 diving fins are for you. Featuring an innovative hydrodynamic design, these fins will see you gliding effortlessly through the water, providing you with optimum power for minimal effort. The lack of separation between material types throughout the whole fin guarantees a seamless transition, making each underwater motion far smoother.

These fins also boast upper and lower stabilisers which anchor the blades reducing any potential power loss, ensuring that you experience higher overall performance.

Whilst also suitable for warmer temperatures, the fins must be worn with boots – making them ideal for those of you who plan to dive in the colder seas around Great Britain.