Quality wetsuits are essential gear for all water sports enthusiasts. Not only is a wetsuit vital for staying warm in the water; it will also protect skin from damaging UV rays and potential knocks and scrapes.

Wetsuits for adults and children 

Two Bare Feet’s range of wetsuit cuts and styles span across gender, size, and ages – for adult men and women – with variants of some of our most popular styles tailored to children. They can be used with changing robes, so that water users can get in and out of their wetsuit anywhere and at any time.

When it comes to staying warm, full-length wetsuits are a practical year-round solution. Our long-sleeved adult wetsuits come with rubberised panels on the chest for optimal grip and protection, while winter wetsuits are thick to retain heat without restricting movement. 

Short-sleeved full-length wetsuits work well in any weather, while still allowing a good range of arm movement. Sleeveless full-length wetsuits are best for manoeuvrability, while retaining core warmth. They can be paired with a rash vest for extra comfort and insulation if needed.

Shorty wetsuits are suited to the summer months, which can require thinner or less wetsuit material, sufficient airflow and protection from the sun. 

Our two-piece wetsuits ensure your wetsuit fits your body type perfectly. We offer wetsuit jackets, pants, and shorts to purchase separately, or as a set so you can find your preferred style. 

Baby and toddler wetsuits

Two Bare Feet’s wetsuits for newborn babies and toddlers make the experience of introducing the littlest paddlers to the water warm, safe and fuss-free. 

Classic baby wetsuits are lightweight, but still keep your baby warm and comfortable – whether it's their first time in the water, or they’re regularly attending swim lessons. 

Variant wetsuit designs allow for comfort across different seasons and age ranges. The squadron spring wetsuit shields against cold temperatures, while allowing sufficient freedom to move. Newborn baby wetsuits provide sufficient protection against the sun and cold for the very youngest swimmers. 

Baby wraps are the best option for newborns needing frequent nappy changes. We also provide swim nappies to contain any accidents. 

Flotation aids can be an excellent confidence builder for young swimmers. Our swim float vests provide peace of mind for parents, as their child develops their independence in the water. 

Wetsuit accessories 

Wetsuit accessories enhance the experience of being in a wetsuit and add practical value, avoiding the need to buy an entirely different wetsuit design. 

Our broad selection of warming accessories include rash vests, which can be worn on their own in summer or layered underneath a wetsuit, and wetsuit gloves and hoods, which offer extra protection from cold winds and waters, allowing you to stay focused. Lycra swim shorts also function as an excellent base layer. 

For better grip and protection against sharp surfaces, wetsuit boots can come in handy. Wetsuit socks can work well with slippery surfaces and will fit in a pair of swim fins. Aqua shoes are ideal for transitioning between land to water, with an adaptable grip suited to all surfaces.