Wetsuit Sizing & Measurement Advice


How to Measure for a Wetsuit


So you’ve decided on a new wetsuit - great news! Before you rush in it is vital you choose the right size - if it's a bad fit, you won’t get all the benefits of the suit.

Wetsuits are generally meant to give a skintight fit, but many of our customers opt for larger sizes to allow extra room in case they grow. All of our size guides are intended to provide a comfortable skintight fit, however you can still allow +/- 1 inch margin of error to account for the stretch in our neoprene wetsuit material. This means that if your measurements do not perfectly match our sizing, you can still find a great fitting suit provided the measurements are close. If you want a loose fitting suit then we recommend ordering a larger size than our size guides indicate. Choosing the right size is easy at Two Bare Feet, and it starts by taking accurate measurements of your body.

The following  measurements are key to finding the best suit for you. Use this quick guide below to take accurate body measurements. You can then reference our size guides on the product pages to find the right size for your new wetsuit. 

Please note: it is important to reference your measurements to the size guide of the exact wetsuit you are looking to purchase. We have made every attempt to standardise our sizing, however, some wetsuit styles from previous years may be sized slightly differently.