Changing Robes

Waterproof changing robes

Trying to preserve your dignity by holding up a towel while changing out of damp neoprene can be more than a little awkward. Throw in a little wind and rain for good measure, and your spirits can easily dampen. 

Designed to provide comfort and privacy, waterproof changing robes offer a cosier and more practical alternative. Large pockets, a roomy hood, and soft-to-the-touch materials are a given with all our styles, meaning luxury doesn’t have to be sacrificed in the pursuit for functionality.

Perfect for paddleboarding, surfing, and open-water swimming, changing robes are also guaranteed to warm you up, even after a dip in the chilliest British waters.

Changing robe waterproof features

With an 8k water-resistant outer, or a rating of 8,000mm in waterproof resistance, these changing robes help provide shelter from the elements. A rating of 5,000mm to 10,000mm is suitable for just about all weather conditions. While a 5,000mm rating is suitable for average to moderate rain, a 10,000mm is suited to heavy rain.

Choose from a range of 3/4 or long sleeve changing robes available in different patterns and colours to help shield you from a sudden sprinkle or a brief spell of rain during your outdoor adventures.

Adults changing robes

With an 8K weather-resistant outer shell, even the wildest weather is kept at bay with a waterproof changing robe. Offering unbeatable comfort and privacy, you’ll stay warm and protected from the outside world as you change.

Adults towelling robes

For those dry days where you just need a little extra warmth and privacy, our adult towelling robes get the job done.

Ultra-soft and absorbent, these towelling robes dry you as you change, saving time and warming you up faster. 

Kids changing robes

These smaller yet cosy kids waterproof changing robes keep little ones warm and protected from the elements, while they wiggle out of wetsuits or swimming costumes at the water’s edge.

There’s no difference in comfort or quality, only reduced sizing to accommodate growing limbs and bodies. 

Kids towelling robes

Super soft and gentle on skin, our children’s towelling changing robes are perfect for long days spent running on the beach and in and out of the waves. 

Wrap your kids up in a warming towelling robe as they exit the water, or throw one over a swimsuit to protect their skin from the sun while they play. 

Changing mats

No more tiptoeing over sharp stones or hopping from foot to foot on freezing ground. Stand on our absorbent sherpa-lined beach changing mats to protect and dry your feet as you dress. 

Changing mats provide a layer of soft yet water-resistant protection between you and the ground. For total comfort, pair with a changing robe to dry off and get dressed in style, wherever your adventures take you.

Beach towels

No swim or aqua sports activity is complete without a cosy beach towel. Gentle on skin, highly absorbent, and quick drying, Two Bare Feet’s swimming towels make the perfect beach accessory.

Come rain or shine, a towel is always useful for wiping your feet, getting sand out from between your toes, or drying your hair after a dip. 

Tote bags

Protect your belongings or store your wet gear in a waterproof tote bag. Made with an 8k water resistant material and water repellant finishing, these bags are designed to be compact enough to fold up and hardy enough to carry your gear during outdoor adventures.