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With beautiful snorkelling hotspots found across the globe, it’s no surprise that so many people are keen to dive right in. However, as with all water sports, safety is of paramount importance. Two Bare Feet’s snorkel range is designed to ensure your safety, as well as give you the best possible experience whilst you explore the magic of the underwater world.

Our standard silicone snorkels are perfect for beginners, allowing divers of all abilities to get straight into the water without any fuss. The super soft silicone mouthpiece prevents any discomfort, whilst the purge valve assists exhaling by releasing water quickly. They also feature a handy clip on the outside of the tube, in order to ensure a secure attachment to your mask. Available in a wide variety of colours, these snorkels are the perfect option for fuss-free snorkelling.

dry top snorkel

Our snorkel range also features a selection of dry top silicone snorkels, which use a unique design to prevent water from entering the top of your snorkel once submerged. They do this via a specialized valve mechanism – called a float valve – which effectively seals out water, keeping the inner tube dry. As with our standard snorkels, they feature a silicone mouthpiece for added comfort and a purge valve for releasing water quickly, as well as a clip for attaching to your mask.

Popular amongst many divers, dry top snorkels are expertly designed in order to give the wearer an unrivalled diving experience. Less time worrying about water entering your snorkel means more time to appreciate the beautiful underwater surroundings. As with all our snorkels, the dry tops are also available in junior sizes.

If you’re looking for a completely unique diving experience, the Sea Galaxy full face snorkel mask is for you. Merging both snorkel and mask to allow for completely normal breathing, the sea galaxy masks give you an unrivalled panoramic view of the stunning underwater scenery.

If you’re looking to get fully equipped for your next snorkelling expedition, be sure to look through our full diving range and our range of wetsuits.