Diving Masks

Within our diving mask range we have a selection of different shapes and styles to suit all. We have two types of materials which our masks are made from. We have PVC masks and silicone masks. Silicone masks are softer on the face therefore they do no leave red marks on your face which the PVC mask can do, however the PVC masks are perfect for short durations, whereas the silicone masks are more comfortable for longer durations.

All of our masks are made with tempered glass and have adjustable straps so that the mask can all be adjusted to fit the user.

Our childrens masks are made from silicone. They are all a standard size all with adjustable straps so that you can adjust it to fit your face nicely. We find that the childrens mask is suitable for children up to the age of 12years/pre teen.

Our adults set 1 and set 3 masks are both made from silicone. Both masks are a standard size with adjustable straps. There is no difference between the two masks in terms of performance and size, the only difference is the shape of the mask. The set one is a more square shape mask, whereas the set 3 is more round with pointed ends.

Our adults set 2 mask is made from silicone. The set 2 mask is designed more for those who have larger and wider faces. This is our XL mask, therefore you will find that this mask is a lot larger than set 1 and set 3 masks.

Our adults set 5 mask is made from silicone. This mask is a standard size. The set 5 mask is a bolder statement face piece. This mask is a standard size mask with adjustable straps so that it has a nice fit.

Our adults set 6 mask is made from silicone. This mask is a standard size. The set 6 masks has one large lens which gives you a great field of vision and direction as well as having a purge valve included also. The purge valve allows water to be removed from the mask. This can usually be located by the nose area of the mask, you will see a round piece of plastic with holes in it. On the outside of the disk is a soft silicone disk with a stem which creates a one way seal to stop water from entering.

Quick tip...If you find that the mask isn't sitting right on your face then we do recommend soaking the silicone in hot water and then moulding it to the face to create a more secure fit.