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Say goodbye to numb hands with our stylish range of wetsuit gloves. The perfect accessory for almost any water sport – including surfing, water skiing, diving, kayaking or canoeing – our wetsuit gloves will protect your hands from the cold, prolonging your time in the water.

Constructed from soft neoprene material, our wetsuit gloves maintain warmth when there’s windchill and limit the exposure in the water. They can also provide increased grip on slippery surfaces, such as surf boards or while using your paddle on a SUP board.

Our selection of wetsuit gloves are available for men, women and children. They vary in the thickness of neoprene used, ranging from 3mm to 5mm. Depending on your preference, 5mm will afford increased protection from the elements, while 3mm offers more flexibility.

To ensure you find the best wetsuit gloves, check out our size chart. Ideally, your gloves should be close fitting and tight enough to prevent any water from getting inside.


3mm Wetsuit Gloves

Our Two Bare Feet Essentials Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves (3mm) are great for beginners who are looking to spend a long time out in the water. For excellent value, you’ll find that their glued and blind stitched seams result in a long-lasting pair of quality gloves. Combined with a honeycomb pattern grip, they are perfect for holding on to wet surfaces­­– ideal for surfing or any board sport.

Similarly, our stylish Adults 3mm Neoprene Gloves feature a honeycomb pattern palm grip and the same quality stitching to ensure high-quality. The additional Velcro wrap-around fastening will afford a complete, secure fit even in the roughest of waters.

If you’re looking for added insulation, our Adults 3mm Mesh Neoprene Gloves are an excellent choice. With durable and flexible mesh neoprene, this windproof and water-resistant material will keep your fingers warm and provide significant grip. The Velcro-wrap fastening makes them easy to take on and off and promotes a close fit to prevent any water from entering. 

The high-performance 3mm Waffle Mesh Neoprene Gloves are another alternative pair which feature similar specifications and are likewise made from flexible waffle mesh neoprene.


5mm Wetsuit Gloves

Our 5mm gloves are the thickest option available and will, therefore, insulate hands when there’s windchill or in colder waters. Two Bare Feet Adults 5mm Neoprene Gloves offer a honeycomb pattern palm grip and are flexible with their glued and blind stitched seams.

If you prefer textured mesh neoprene, consider our adults 5mm Mesh Neoprene Gloves or the Adults 5mm Waffle Mesh Neoprene Gloves. Both pairs are created from mesh neoprene to create a long-lasting and flexible design. They are a bestselling option for all seasons, especially winter and spring.


Wetsuit Gloves for Children

Keep little fingers warm with our Junior 3mm Neoprene Gloves, which are specially designed with younger water sports fans in mind. The 3mm of neoprene offers ample insulation whilst a honeycomb palm grip prompts ease of movement.

Wetsuit gloves types

Webbed Swim Training Gloves

Improve and enhance your workout with our Power Swim Training 3mm Gloves.

For anyone looking to increase their performance in the water, these webbed training gloves provide extra paddle-power for surfing or swimming, without compromising hand, finger or thumb movement.

Their integrated webbed design, combined with three-quarter length fingers, creates a larger area for plenty of movement.


Neoprene Wetsuit Set: Gloves, Hood Set and Boots

Purchase all of your water sport essentials in one go with our Neoprene Wetsuit Set. Designed for most water sport disciplines and to offer wearers extra warmth in the water, our set includes a comfortable hood, a pair of gloves and unisex boots –all made from soft neoprene.

The hood is intended to keep you more insulated in the water, whilst our boots provide further protection, ample comfort and increased grip whilst in and around the water.


Wetsuits for Men, Women and Kids

We are family wetsuit specialists at Two Bare Feet, offering an extensive range of durable and stylish swimwear products. As well as selling wetsuit accessories, we also stock an incredible selection of wetsuits for men, women, kids and babies