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Don’t allow the cold to put your little ones off enjoying the water. Our extensive range of kid’s wetsuits are guaranteed to keep them happy and comfortable for hours on end. Kid’s wetsuits not only provide significant insulation in the water, but they help protect little ones from harmful sun rays and wind chill too.

Available in a range of colours and styles – from shorty to full-length variations – our children’s wetsuits will satisfy even the fussiest of kids. You’ll have no trouble finding the right wetsuit for your child, since we offer every combination of suit cut.

Kids full-length wetsuits

Our kid’s full-length wetsuits are suited to almost every type of water sports discipline, from swimming to paddleboarding, wakeboarding, and everything in between. If you are looking for vibrancy, our full-length suits come in a selection of colours, – from bright neon shades to summery colours which afford high-visibility for open water safety.

Children's winter wetsuits

Ideal for the colder months of the year – whether it’s in winter, autumn or spring – our Thunderclap Junior Winter Wetsuits are available in 5/4mm and 4/3mm variations. They are made from super stretch SCR neoprene to ensure comfort, without ever restricting movement. These high-performance suits also feature an ergonomic panel layout, flexible kneepads, and a sealed neck and cuffs.

Kid's summer wetsuits

Versatile and varied, these thinner- profile wetsuits offer some added protection from harmful UV rays. Full-length summer wetsuits are one of our most in-demand designs. The Thunderclap 2.5mm Junior Wetsuit is one of the best-fitting kids wetsuits designed for the warmer weather while the Flare Superstretch is our most flexible wetsuit due to the neoprene side panels. It’s constructed out of super soft and stretchy SCR neoprene, but it’s a thinner and lighter suit which allows for flexibility and complete freedom of movement.

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Kid's shorty wetsuits

Kids shorty wetsuits are the ideal choice for summer swimming. With less restriction and more ease of movement, your young superstar swimmer is bound to thrive in the water. Whether you opt for long-sleeves, short-sleeves or a sleeveless design, this style of suit will still afford protection from nature’s elements. Or, opt for a jacket combo – an added bonus is how easy they are to put on – perfect for kids looking for a bit more independence!

Add some comfort and warmth to your child’s swim wardrobe with our kid's rash vests and thermals. Featuring long-sleeved and short-sleeved variations, our collection of thermal rash vests can be worn underneath a wetsuit for extra warmth or on their own on warmer days.

As one of the UK’s leading independent wetsuit manufacturers, we offer an immense selection of quality Two Bare Feet kids wetsuits. In addition to this, we’ve got the whole family covered with our men’s wetsuits, women’s wetsuits and baby wetsuits.

If you’re not certain about which of our wetsuits is best for you or your child check out our wetsuit buying guide for kids or refer to the wetsuit size guide.