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Taking your baby or toddler to the beach or pool may seem a little daunting, but it can be an enjoyable bonding experience, allowing you to create invaluable memories.

Babies quickly learn to love the water, especially after spending nine months in the womb. Often, it’s the cold which upsets them initially, so using a warmer wetsuit can be an excellent swimming solution to achieving hours of uninterrupted fun in the water.

Alongside other specialist baby products, Two Bare Feet offer a wide range of quality baby wetsuits. We cater for a variety of sizes, from newborns to toddlers. All our wetsuits are made of soft and stretchy neoprene material, which makes them incredibly fast-drying, durable and comfortable. Some ranges even feature additional Lycra on the arms. Changing is made a whole lot easier, as our wetsuits have a sturdy and uncomplicated front zip too.

Our baby and toddler wetsuits are available in a choice of colours and designs. The thicknesses of materials used may vary between ranges.

When you select one of our wetsuits, you’ll also have a choice to add an additional swim pack to your basket.


Squadron Baby Spring Wetsuits

Our Squadron Baby Spring Wetsuits are high-performing and versatile; they can be worn for swimming lessons at a pool or on the beach.

Ideal for the different seasons, our long-sleeved wetsuit is designed with premium 3/2mm neoprene. This provides thermal insulation and will protect your child from harmful UV rays.

The flatlock-stitched seams will also ensure comfort and freedom of movement for your young one.


Classic Baby Wetsuits

Two Bare Feet’s Classic Baby Wetsuits are one of our best sellers.

Made of a slightly thinner 2mm neoprene material, this wetsuit will keep your baby warmer for longer and provide comfort with its flat stitched seams.

The thickness of the wetsuit material will protect your child from UV rays when used outdoors.

It’s the perfect wetsuit for beginning swim lessons with your baby, whether it be in the local pool, on holiday or at the seaside.


The Aquatica Baby Wetsuit

The Aquatica Baby Wetsuit is another great first wetsuit for babies or toddlers.

The simple and snug design means your baby can enjoy the water in comfort, while the 2mm thick neoprene will keep your child warm and provide skin protection in the sun.


Lycra Arm Wetsuit 

Our unique Lycra Arm Wetsuit is ideal for warm sunny days on the beach, but it can also be used when the weather is not so pleasant – or at the local swimming pool.

Another firm favourite with parents, the feature which really distinguishes this wetsuit is the difference in material used on the arms. Stretchy Lycra on the arms enhances the range of movement afforded to the little wearer.


Aquawave Baby Wetsuit

Our Aquawave Baby Wetsuits are another great choice for preparing your little one for the water.

The 1.5mm-thick neoprene material will provide warmth in the water as well as defence against UV rays.

The soft and flexible feel of this wetsuit is bound to keep your little swimmer happy in the water.


Newborn Baby Wetsuit

As the name suggests, our Newborn Baby Wetsuits are perfect for introducing your baby to the water for the first time. These best-sellers are specifically designed for very small children, ranging from newborns up to 12-month-olds.

With 2mm-thick neoprene and stretchy Lycra cuffs on the neck, arms and legs, your baby will be super comfortable and easily changed, thanks to the inclusion of a simple zip.

The material’s thickness will also provide enough protection from the sun while also keeping your little one warm in the water.


Baby Wrap

Two Bare Feet’s unique Baby Wraps will make life much easier for mums and dads.

Designed to open and fold out flat, you can simply lay your child down to literally “wrap them up”. Strong and flexible Velcro fastenings hold the folds together, even in the water.

With flat stitch seams, our Baby Wraps are comfortable and secure. They will also afford significant warmth and UV protection due to their 2mm layer of neoprene.

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Two Bare Feet’s baby swimming products

At Two Bare Feet we recognise that taking your youngest member of the family on an excursion requires preparation. That’s why we are a leading independent provider of baby swimming gear.

We sell everything you may need for a successful swimming trip with young children. All our products have been tried and tested by mums and dads – the real experts in this field.

We sell an extensive range of baby and toddler products, including baby wetsuits, swim vests and swim nappies, which will give you and your child the confidence to venture into the water together.