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At Two Bare Feet, we know how much babies love being in the water. However, we also recognise the challenges mums and dads face when planning a first holiday, beach trip or even a simple visit to the local pool. Let us make your life a bit easier by providing everything you’ll need to gain confidence and enjoy swimming with your young one.

We promote an exclusive range of quality baby and toddler swimming products, including baby wetsuits, swim vests and swim nappies.

Our growing selection of baby wetsuits are perfect for introducing your little one to the water. Our Aquatica Baby Wetsuits are a popular choice with parents and offer great value for money.

Neoprene wetsuit for babies

Two Bare Feet’s full-bodied Aquatica Baby Wetsuits are made from 2mm-thick neoprene. Not only does this result in high durability; it also creates a snug, soft feel and a comfortable fit for the little wearer.

Babies often get put off by cold water, so this material will help your youngster stay warm in the water for longer. Of course, this material is thick enough to protect your child from harmful UV sun rays too.

Being made from neoprene, our wetsuit will dry quickly – ideal for infants who enjoy splashing around to their delight.


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A zip wetsuit makes infant swimming easier

Baby changing can be difficult to say the least. The amount of time spent changing your little one will be significantly reduced, thanks to the sturdy and uncomplicated zip on our Aquatica Baby Wetsuits. It allows for easy entry and exit into the wetsuit, while also ensuring no cold water can get in.

Aquatica baby wetsuit options

Our Aquatica Baby Wetsuits are available in a wide range of vibrant colours and sizes. They also come with an optional swim set, which includes a baby towel and bag.