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Baby Swim Nappies

Keep swimming accident free with our range of versatile and re-usable Swim Nappies, perfect for making your baby’s first swimming adventures go as smoothly as possible.

The perfect alternative to the traditional disposable nappy, we offer two types of baby swim nappy, meaning you can be covered in all scenarios. The first style, made of a stretchy Lycra material, fits with a more traditional shape and features a cloth lining. This style benefits from an elasticated waist and legs, which will ensure any accidents are contained and swim time isn’t spoiled.

The second style, made primarily of stretchy and comfy neoprene, is ideal for your baby’s first trip to the beach. The longer leg length offers greater protection from the sun’s powerful UV rays and the Lycra cuffed waistband and ankles will contain any accidents effectively. The 2mm thick neoprene material is also fast drying so no need to worry about your baby getting cold.

Both pairs are designed with ease of use in mind. In addition to the pull-on style making baby changing simple, they are also super easy to care for: simply rinse, dry and roll.

Baby Swim Nappies information

Available in a huge range of colourways and sizes, you can rely on our swim nappies to see your baby all the way through their swimming journey, beginning with new-born sizes and ranging all the way up to 3-year-olds.

For particularly cold pools, or for a trip to the British seaside, our swim nappies can be paired with one of the wetsuits from our full baby range for extra warmth and protection. Also, if you’re especially worried about accidents whilst swimming, the Two Bare Feet swim nappies can be paired with your baby’s regular disposable nappies for extra protection.