Swim Vests

Baby Swimming

Babies love the water. They’ve spent 9 months in the womb so being in warm water feels much more familiar to them than being on dry land!

Unfortunately this early confidence usually diminishes with time, and can even turn to fear. That’s one of the main reasons to start them swimming at a young age.

Newborn baby wetsuits are there to help you get your little one into the water. In the first few weeks babies naturally make co-ordinated swimming movements and inhibit their breathing underwater. After about 6 months that reflex lessens as they start to take conscious control.

Until your little one is 3 years old they lack the strength, co-ordination and motor skills to swim on the surface. This is an ideal time to get a baby swim float vest to help them enjoy their time in the water.

Kids wetsuits can help their confidence in the water, we all know swimming pools and even the sea in the height of summer can be chilly and constant sun cream application an arduous task. So with a classic baby wetsuit you'll be ready for the water faster - more time to enjoy yourselves!