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Here at Two Bare Feet we know that introducing your baby to swimming can be nerve-wracking for any parent, but our super-warm Newborn Baby Wetsuits will help get your little one on their way to being a fully-fledged water lover.

Keeping them warm whilst also allowing unrestricted movement, our newborn wetsuit is the perfect garment to introduce your little one to the water for the very first time.

The 2mm soft neoprene material will ensure your little swimmer is kept warm – whether their first dip is in the pool or sea. It’s also thick enough to provide your baby with suitable protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Neoprene also dries quickly, so the wetsuit can be worn out of the water without discomfort.

The stretchy Lycra cuffs on the arms, legs and neck of the suit allow for extra mobility, so your baby’s natural swimming instincts can kick in without restrictions. The newborn suit is also legless, which will allow your tot to enjoy splashing freely in the water.

Suitable for newborns up to 12 months, the front zipper feature on this wetsuit means that getting your baby in and out of their suit is quick and easy, leaving more precious time to enjoy your first swim together.

Whilst keeping warm is important, we also know that comfort is key. Our newborn wetsuit features flat-stitched seams, keeping your child’s experience in the water free from rubbing or discomfort.

Available as one part of an extensive range of swim sets, our baby wetsuits offer everything you need to make sure those early swimming lessons are easy and fun. For younger babies, check out our swim nappies, which pair perfectly with the newborn wetsuit.


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Swimming with your Newborn Baby

Our ultimate newborn baby wetsuits are the perfect suit for introducing your baby to the water.

Made from a 2mm soft neoprene with lycra cuffs on the neck, arms and legs, this front zipped suit will help keep your little one warmer for longer so you can both enjoy the water. This will also help you get your little ones in and out of the suit – as we all know they aren't going to make it easy!

Babies love the water. They’ve spent nine months in the womb, so being in warm water feels much more familiar to them than being on dry land!