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Anyone who’s been swimming off the British coast will know the importance of a good quality wetsuit, whether you’re on your summer holidays or a winter break. Perfect for all manner of water sports, including surfing, stand up paddle boarding and diving, a wetsuit provides insulation by trapping a thin layer of air between your skin and the neoprene material.

Here at Two Bare Feet we offer a great choice of women’s wetsuits, in varying thicknesses, from 2mm – 5mm. From all-in-one wetsuits to shortys, to separate jackets and shorts, our collections are designed to keep you toasty, even in the coldest waters. What’s stopping you from diving straight in?

Full Wetsuits

Within our extensive range of full wetsuits, you’re guaranteed to find the right suit for you. A full wetsuit provides complete coverage of your arms and legs, providing optimum warmth.

 If you’re planning on venturing into the sea during the colder months of the year, then a winter wetsuit will become your new best friend. With up to 5mm thick neoprene, our winter wetsuits remain stretchy and comfy, aiding easier movement in the water.

During summer, we’d recommend opting for a wetsuit with a thinner neoprene thickness, ranging from 2.5 – 3mm. These suits are ideal for those of you wanting to head down to the beach during the warmer months of the year, but still want protection from the chill of the British waves.

If you love diving in to the sea all year round, no matter the weather, our full wetsuit range also features a selection of thermal wetsuits, boasting a super toasty fleece inner lining, guaranteeing warmth even in the midst of winter.

Alternative Cut Wetsuits

We also offer a huge selection of wetsuits with alternative cuts. For example, wetsuits with long legs and short sleeves, which are ideal for movability. Featuring a 2.5mm thickness, these suits will keep your legs warm whilst leaving your arms free for extra movement, making them the perfect option for surfers and kayakers.

For those of you who plan to stay in the water for a longer amount of time, such as on a diving expedition, our hooded wetsuits make an ideal purchase for ultimate protection against the cold.

We also offer the choice between full length arms with a bikini bottom, short legs with full length arms, or a complete shorty wetsuit, all available in a variety of thicknesses and colours. Our alternative cuts range includes a selection of wetsuits that boast a fleece lining, proving extra warmth, whilst allowing the wearer un-restricted movement.

women's full length and short wetsuits

Shorty Wetsuits

Great for delving into the sea during the summer months, our women's shorty wetsuit range boasts a huge selection of suits with both short arms and legs, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your next holiday.

Our shorty suits provide much needed insulation around the centre of your body, whilst leaving your arms and legs free providing unrivalled movability.

Designed to be hassle-free, shorty suits are often favoured as many find them easier to get on and off. This is of particular benefit when you’re only planning to get into the water for a short amount of time – the ideal circumstance to don a shorty suit.

Constructed from highly durable neoprene in 3-2mm and finished with flatlock stitching to minimise irritation, our shorty wetsuits are incredibly comfortable, leaving you to enjoy the thrill of getting into the sea.

Wetsuit Jackets and Shorts

For those of you who are seeking a little more flexibility and freedom in the water, our separate wetsuit jacket and shorts are the ideal choice. All available in 3mm thick neoprene, choose between long sleeve or sleeveless jackets, and capri or short-shorts, depending on the water temperatures.

With a separation between the upper and lower body clothing, wetsuit jackets and shorts are often favoured for their unrivalled comfort, with chafing significantly reduced. Adding to this extreme comfort, several of our jackets also benefit from super-stretchy Lycra sleeves, providing a soft finish as well as extra flexibility.

Anyone planning a short swimming trip will find a separate, two-piece wetsuit far more convenient, due to being super easy to get on and off in a hurry. Our separates also benefit from being sized individually, giving you the freedom to purchase two different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit.

Whilst designed to be worn alone, our high-quality neoprene wetsuit jackets are comfortable when paired with a one-piece wetsuit. This will provide you with extra warmth on particularly cold days, preventing you from having to buy a whole new suit for different water temperatures.

Available in a huge variety of colours guaranteed to make you stand out in the waves, our wetsuit jackets and shorts can be bought separately, or as part of a perfectly matched set.

Rash Vests and Thermals

Whether you opt for a full length, a shorty or two-piece wetsuit, rash vests are an essential finish to your purchase. Preventing the annoying chafing caused by salt water and sand being caught inside your wetsuit, rash vests make wearing a wetsuit a far more comfortable experience. We offer both long and short sleeve rash vests, ideal for pairing with your favourite wetsuit.

Our range boasts a variety of bright colours, sure to get you noticed at the beach. Constructed from high quality stretchy Lycra, they provide optimum comfort and un-restricted movement.

Offering reliable UV protection, our rash vests can also be worn without a wetsuit, proving a little more warmth than just swimwear alone.

For particularly cold waters, opt for one of our thermal rash vests, available with short or long sleeves. Boasting a super toasty fleece lining, our thermals are thin enough to be worn comfortably underneath a wetsuit and provide the extra protection needed to keep you warmer, for longer.

All our rash vests benefit from flatlock stitching, in order to ensure maximum comfort.


Be sure to look through our full wetsuit accessories range, including boots, gloves, goggles and more, in order to get you and your family fully kitted out for your next trip to the sea!