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Investing in a quality wetsuit is an absolute must for all water sports enthusiasts. Not only can it provide ample insulation in the water, but it can protect you from all the elements – including the sun and wind. A good wetsuit will prolong your time in the water, whether you’re heading to the beach, pool or abroad.

No matter which water sports discipline you enjoy, you’ll find the perfect suit amongst our full range of Two Bare Feet neoprene wetsuits. Featuring a multitude of attractive designs, our men’s wetsuits are available in a selection of colours, sizes and styles.


Full length men’s wetsuits

Our full wetsuits for men are a great option for every type of water sport: from swimming to stand up paddle boarding. We have a variety of full-length styles to suit your preferences.

Long-sleeved wetsuits

Two Bare Feet’s Victory Full Length Adults Wetsuit is a perfect entry-level suit. Being made of stretchy 2.5mm SBR neoprene, it affords generous stretching and is more forgiving than some of our performance-orientated wetsuits.

Our Thunderclap 2.5mm Men’s Wetsuit is another great all-rounder. Made of SCR neoprene, it’s comfy and fits like a glove.

Alternatively, our Marine 3mm Men’s Fleece Lined Wetsuit is very accessible, constructed with an ergonomic panel layout and easy-entry back, ankle and wrist zips. The additional thermal fleece lining will keep you extra warm during a day on (or in) the water.

The eye-catching Squadron full length 3/2mm Men’s Wetsuit combines full comfort and flexibility. Made using CR superstretch neoprene, this suit is incredibly soft and stretchy, which makes it very comfortable to wear whilst promoting complete freedom of movement for the wearer. Its rubberised chest panel notably adds grip to the surface whilst providing protection where it’s most important – especially if it’s chilly.

If you’re looking for a wetsuit which promises a superior, comfortable fit then our Two Bare Feet Pureflex Full Length Adults Wetsuit could be for you. Made from 100% CR neoprene in a 3mm/2mm thickness, it is incredibly stretchy but retains a pure, snug fit. At the same time, movement won’t be restricted thanks to strategically placed panels and seams.

Short-sleeved wetsuits

Our full-length, short-sleeved wetsuits are great alternative summer wetsuits, providing a stylish look with upper body mobility and insulation around the legs. Made with 2mm-thick neoprene, you’ll find these suits are non-restrictive in the warmer weather.

Sleeveless wetsuits

Our sleeveless full wetsuits are best for the summer months, as they allow freedom of movement on the upper body whilst keeping your legs warm in the water. Our Thunderclap 2.5mm Men’s Sleeveless Wetsuits are stylish, comfortable and non-restrictive – as is our Men's Enduro Sleeveless 2.5mm Mesh Surf Suit, which serves as a high-performance option.

If you are looking for something a little warmer, Two Bare Feet’s Mens Heritage Long John Wetsuit has a 3mm-thick neoprene layer which will keep you warm and provide ease of movement – perfect for paddleboarding and surfing.

Men’s winter wetsuits

Our men’s winter wetsuits feature two stylish models with an increased thickness of either 5/4mm or 4/3mm. These great-fitting suits are designed to deliver high-performance, maneuverability and heat retention outside of the summer season. Made of soft, superstretch neoprene and constructed using flatlock stitched seams, they are both durable and warm. With sealing at the cuffs and neck, you will feel protected, while back zips, ergonomic panel layouts and flexible kneepads guarantee comfortability and ease of use.

Triathlon wetsuit

The T3 Full Length Triathlon Wetsuit is the perfect option for triathlons or for those who are new to open water swimming. Its 3mm hydrodynamic glideskin is stretchy, soft and flexible. This allows the wearer to cut through the water easily, with an unrestricted swimming stroke – a great benefit to gain an advantage in competitive swimming. It offers superior durability, while hidden seams will help you to stretch and move when it counts most.

Diving and hooded wetsuits

Our full-body hooded wetsuits are close-fitting, offering excellent insulation on those colder days between the seasons. Both the Arroyo hooded wetsuit and the Abyss hooded wetsuit can be worn for several water sports, ranging from surfing to diving. All entries in our hooded wetsuit range feature flatlock stitching, rubberised kneepads and an off-centre front zip entry. The close-fitting hood provides significant insulation around the head.

 men's full and short wetsuits

Men’s shorty wetsuits

While popular in the warmer months, shorty wetsuits will still protect you from the sun and wind. The lightweight construction provides enough warmth, while shorter coverage over your limbs will increase upper body mobility. This makes them great for surfing or swimming in the summer season.

Classic shorty wetsuits

Both our Thunderclap 2.5mm Men’s Shorty Wetsuit and Victory Shorty Adults Wetsuit serve as great entry points into the world of wetsuits. They are ergonomically designed, allowing the wearer to move freely in the water, and provide a comfortable, non-restrictive fit within a 2.5mm neoprene skin.

For slightly more core warmth, consider our stylish Squadron 3/2mm Men’s Shorty Wetsuit. Its 3mm rubberised chest panel protects against wind chill and provides a high-grip surface which assists with bodyboarding and surfing.

Similarly, our Pureflex Shorty Adults Wetsuit provides extra insulation with its 3/2mm neoprene layer. This flexible suit is suitable for most water sports, thanks to strategically placed panels and seams.

Are you new to triathlons or open water swimming? Our specially designed T3 Shorty Triathlon Wetsuit is ideal for beginners and for those who are looking to improve. The 3mm hydrodynamic smooth-skin offers the best in durability and flexibility, meaning movement is unrestricted, even when cutting through the water at top speed.

Long-sleeved shorty wetsuits

Protect your arms from wind chill with our Thunderclap 2.5mm Mens Long Sleeve Short Leg Wetsuit or Squadron 3/2mm Men’s Long Sleeve Shorty Wetsuit. Despite the longer sleeves, both suits permit the wearer to move freely, allowing for maximum performance in the water.

Sleeveless shorty wetsuits

For minimal coverage that affords all-round movement, check out our Thunderclap 2.5mm Men’s Sleeveless Shorty Wetsuit. The sleeveless design is great for surfing and swimming in the heat, while also providing a non-restrictive fit which makes it easy to put on and take off.

Men’s wetsuit jackets and shorts

With the option to purchase as a complete set, or separately, our men’s wetsuit jackets and shorts are a less restrictive, practical option. In addition to being easy to put on and remove, they provide an opportunity to alternate the sizing between your upper and lower body.

We offer a choice of long-sleeved, short-sleeved and sleeveless jackets. For everyday use, our standard neoprene wetsuit jackets are the ideal option. For extra warmth, opt for our hydrodynamic glideskin jackets which are flexible, comfortable and windproof. Alternatively, our jackets with Lycra arms offer protection from the sun but contain significant stretch to facilitates ease of movement in the arms.

Mix and match with wetsuit tops, shorts or thermal pants.

Rash vests and thermals

Stay extra warm with our comfortable rash vests and thermals. These can be worn underneath your wetsuit to add an extra layer of insulation and to make it more comfortable by preventing rubbing or chafing. On the other hand, they can be worn as individual pieces to protect you from the sun on warmer days.

Our standard and thermal rash vests are available in long-sleeve and short-sleeve variations.