Allround SUP boards offer a carefully selected blend of dimensions that provide a responsive yet stable base for small to medium sized adults and children. Where these boards excel is in their versatility, which make them the perfect choice for general everyday use.

Allround XL SUPs are designed with larger riders and families in mind. These boards handle easily allround, but bring the added benefit of extra flotation; Making them a great option for multiple riders and solo missions alike! That being said, these are still agile enough to work well for smaller riders too!

Touring paddleboards offer enhanced straight line performance and tracking; Making them the perfect companion for longer distances and large wide-open spaces. The extra length and pointed nose shape helps them to cut through open ocean chop for efficient paddling.

Smaller riders like children and teens often benefit from riding a small board. Less buoyancy is required to float comfortably, but manoeuvreability is beneficial for directing your board where you want it to go.

Larger individuals, and outings with multiple riders will require a bit more flotation and stability in order to stay comfortably aboard your new SUP. These boards pack in additional volume in order to float a heavier maximum payload.

Our Beginner or ‘entry level’ SUPs are designed to be easy to handle and stable enough for novice riders to find their feet. These platforms offer a versatile design that will remain fun even as your skills develop.

The Two Bare Feet Balance Platform is the perfect floating base for your yoga practice, fitness training, sunbathing and more. Use it as a floating dock, freediving platform, or hitch one up to your paddleboard like an aquatic trailer to tow additional cargo.

Two Bare Feet's new Multirider board is a great option for large families and clubs. Work together to pilot the multirider with the help of up to 8 of your friends and family for a fun teambuilding experience on the water.

Inflatable SUP boards banner

Inflatable stand up paddleboards

Interest in stand up paddleboarding shows no sign of abating. As an outdoor pastime, it’s one of the most popular activities for attracting first-time participants – and there is no better way to get your feet wet than by getting aboard an inflatable SUP from Two Bare Feet.

Lighter, cheaper and easier to store than their hard-shell relatives, inflatable stand up paddleboards – also referred to as iSUPs – are the perfect choice for novices, while still offering a level of performance that can satisfy more advanced riders.

When it comes to stand up paddle boards, at Two Bare Feet we understand the importance of finding the right one to meet your needs.

Whether you’re young, old, tall, small, experienced or just beginning, we want to share the fun with you by providing the highest quality, best performing inflatable SUPs and accessories on the market.

Two Bare Feet’s SUP inflatables

Our inflatable SUP range is designed to service you. We know you’re unique, so our board designs and packages are tailored to incorporate an array of abilities, disciplines, body sizes and tastes.



For beginners and easy-going fun-seekers, our Allround inflatable SUPs offer excellent value without trading on quality.

As the name suggests, Allround inflatable SUPs are notable for providing good across-the-board performance in the areas that matter, such as manoeuvrability, wave handling and tracking. In addition, they are especially adept at remaining stable on the water, which makes an Allround board perfect for a wide range of uses and levels of ability.


Allround XL

Our Allround boards are built to a moderate thickness to accommodate small-to-medium sized riders. For those who are taller, larger, or wish to take a passenger out on the water, our Allround XL range is designed to accommodate a higher payload with a thicker 6 inch design that provides additional volume and buoyancy without detracting from performance.



For distance paddlers, Two Bare Feet sells a selection of longer, wider and thicker Touring SUPs. Made to glide smoothly on the water, these touring boards offer decent speed, tracking and stability on flat, open waters, but will equally handle longer treks at sea.

All the extras you’ll want and need

We know you’ll be itching to get up and go as soon as your new board arrives, so all our inflatable SUP boards come with the necessary kit to get started.

The equipment included with your board will vary according to the option you choose. You should also consider where you'll be paddling. Paddle boarders can go out on the water year round, especially if they're warmly wrapped up in a full length wetsuit.


Exclusive SUP accessories

 All packages, including the ‘starter’ option, come with:

  • - The inflatable SUP board
  • - A paddle (aluminium or carbon or carbon hybrid depending on the package level)
  • - A dual-action pump: for faster, more efficient inflation and deflation
  • - A removable centre fin – a useful feature for protecting the fin from damage out of the water
  • - A drybag backpack for storing and transporting the board and accessories, as well as for keeping your dry gear out of the way
  • - A repair kit for patching and maintenance

Deluxe, Deluxe Carbon and Ultimate accessory packs come with an adjustable coil leash for tethering to your board. If you fall off and the board drifts in current, you’ll be able to retrieve it safely. these packages also include a detachable ‘kayak-style’ foldable seat – for those moments when you want to rest your legs. Paddles are also part- or fully constructed from carbon fibre (’Deluxe Carbon’ and ‘Ultimate’ options only).

In addition, we also offer our boards in a variety of head-turning colour schemes. When it comes to style, you’ll be guaranteed to make a splash whether you’re in or out of the water.


Building a better board

Our iSUP boards are constructed with safety, comfort and quality foremost in the design.

Layered skin

Most boards we offer are made using Double Layer Fusion (DWF) PVC. This technology results in increased stiffness and strength, eliminating any chance of the board flexing or buckling underfoot.

Non-slip surface

All boards we offer also make use of custom EVA deck pad for maximum foot (and hand) grip. The diamond-patterned tread is heat-moulded onto the surface, reducing the chances of an ill-timed foot slip while manoeuvring.

The deck grip also acts as a protective layer, which reduces the likelihood of physical damage occurring to the board’s surface.