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  1. Two Bare Feet Entradia (Touring) 11'6" x 34" x 6" Inflatable SUP Starter Pack (Pink) Two Bare Feet Entradia (Touring) 11'6 Pre-Order - June 23rd
  2. Two Bare Feet Entradia (Touring) 11'6" x 34" x 6" Inflatable SUP Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Pack (Pink) Two Bare Feet Entradia (Touring) 11'6 Pre-Order - June 23rd
  3. Two Bare Feet Entradia (Touring) 11'6" x 34" x 6" Inflatable SUP Deluxe Carbon Hybrid Pack (Pink) Two Bare Feet Entradia (Touring) 11'6 Pre-Order - June 23rd
  4. Two Bare Feet Sport Air (Touring) 12'0" x 33" x 6" Inflatable SUP Ultimate Pack (Raspberry) Two Bare Feet Sport Air (Touring) 12'0 PreOrder- July 14th

6 Items

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Touring SUP

Why choose Two Bare Feet’s Touring SUPs?

Two Bare Feet’s Touring iSUPs are specifically intended for high performance on longer journeys.

All models are constructed with a double layered heat-laminated skin, utilising DWF (Double Wall Fusion) PVC. This means they are incredibly strong, rigid and lightweight, while the risk of leaking or damage to the layers is eliminated since no glue is used in the lamination process.

All boards in our touring iSUP range are 6” thick. This gives them additional volume, providing improved buoyancy and stability – perfect for handling heavier loads, while allowing you to paddle at higher speeds with ease.

Our boards are also inflatable to 18psi. This is the highest air pressure rating used by iSUP board manufacturers. This doesn’t just guarantee a very stiff inflatable SUP; it also demonstrates the confidence we have in the overall construction and build quality of our products.


Two Bare Feet’s Touring iSUP range

Entradia Touring inflatable SUP

    • - Shortest touring board in our range
    • - Increased width
    • - Typical storage capacity
    • - Single air chamber

Our Entradia Touring inflatable paddleboard is suited to distance paddling. With a length of 11’6”, it’s a bit shorter than our other touring iSUPs. 

This board offers slightly more manoeuvrability and control than the 12’0” or 12’6” touring models, although the shorter length may slightly impact speed.

The Entradia Touring board has a width of 34” – wider than other touring models. The extra width improves stability and aids balance, which may prove useful when paddling for longer distances.

Phatpad Touring inflatable SUP

    • - Standard length for a touring board
    • - Typical width
    • - Extra-large storage capacity
    • - Single air chamber

Reaching a length of 12’0”, our Phatpad Touring board is slightly longer than our Entradia model. However, this is still a typical length within the touring iSUP class.

These 12’0” models are expected to be slightly quicker and buoyant than 11’6” models. They are also more manoeuvrable than 12’6” touring boards.

The Phatpad Touring stand up paddleboard is among the highest performing models on the market. In addition to the Double Wall Fusion (DWF) PVC skin, which adds to the board’s overall strength and rigidity, it also has a full-coverage heat-moulded EVA deck grip. The diamond-patterned treads provide improved positioning options on-deck, as well as offering additional protection against piercing from sharp objects.

In addition, more space to the front of the board is also given over to the bungee storage system, allowing riders to carry more cargo for the journey.

Overall, the Phatpad Touring iSUP offers excellent balance between stability, speed and reduced drag.

Phatpad Double Chamber model

Our exclusive Phatpad Double Chamber Inflatable Touring SUP shares the same dimensions as our standard Phatpad Touring board.

The already superb design is complemented by a double air chamber construction, which distributes air evenly between the two chambers. This makes the board significantly more durable and increases stiffness by around 30%.

You can therefore be sure that the ride you’ll experience will be smoother and even more resistant to bowing.

Sport Air Touring inflatable SUP

    • - Longest touring board in our range
    • - Typical width
    • - Standard storage capacity
    • - Single air chamber
    • - Fusion DWF construction with triple layer underside

Our Sport Air Touring board has the highest volume of all our touring models, with dimensions measuring 12’6” in length and 33” in width.

It distinguishes itself from the Phatpad touring model by carrying an additional laminate layer on the underside for added ruggedness and rigidity.

The Sport Air also uses the same double-walled fusion (DWF) PVC exterior as the Phatpad, providing you with the premium, lightweight, sag-free ride you’d expect.

Sport Air Double Chamber model

The Sport Air Double Chamber variant of our top-end touring board shares the same measurements as the single chamber Sport Air model.

The addition of an extra air chamber, on top of the other features packed into this board, means that you will be guaranteed the smoothest, safest and most stable experience out on the water.

If quality is what you seek, this is your ultimate option.

Size comparison of touring SUP and SUP paddle


Touring iSUP options

You’re one of a kind, so why would our products cater to just one type of person? Our inflatable touring SUPs are designed to meet your individual needs, depending on many factors such as your budget, taste, physical size or level of experience.

Our boards are available in a variety of color schemes, giving you the freedom to express yourself and stand out – on the water and the shore.

All of our boards also come with a choice of accessory packages, including:

Our touring iSUPs can also be used as everyday boards by taller/heavier riders, although we would also recommend browsing through our Allround XL SUP boards which are specially designed with larger paddleboarders in mind.