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Touring inflatable SUPs - sometimes referred to as Cruiser SUPs - encapsulate everything about that laid back, chilled out paddleboarding experience. These are characteristically longer and wider with bigger volume which all combine to offer smooth gliding and masses of stability.

Touring SUP boards offer good turning ability, but if faster turns are your thing consider an All Round Style board. Where these boards excel is in their ability to lap up the miles which makes them the perfect companion for exploring and cruising flatter waters. But don't think this means you can't indulge in a bit of wave action should the situation present itself!

When looking for your new stand up paddleboard there are several styles of board each designed to offer a different riding experience. Each style of SUP has their own characteristics and features so at Two Bare Feet we recommend you review all the types available to find the best match for your ability, preferences and how you want to ride.

At Two Bare Feet we offer a great selection of inflatable SUP, suitable for all skill levels from beginner to more experienced boarders. Offering all the thrills and surfing pleasure of hard boards but cost considerably less and are far easier to transport and store. Also shop for SUP accessories including paddles, seats and carry bags with fasrt worldwide shipping available.