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SUP Ultimate package

To make it easier for you to get out on the water with minimal fuss, all our inflatable SUP boards are supplied with the necessary kit to get started.

The equipment included with your board will vary according to the option you choose.

If you opt for the Ultimate package, you will receive the following accessories in addition to your SUP board: 

  • - A choice of carbon pro SUP paddle
  • - A dual-action pump: for faster, more efficient inflation and deflation
  • - A removable centre fin – a useful feature for protecting the fin from damage out of the water
  • - A drybag backpack for storing and transporting the board and accessories, as well as for keeping your dry gear out of the way
  • - An adjustable coil leash for tethering to your board. If you fall off and the board drifts in current, you’ll be able to retrieve it safely
  • - A repair kit for patching and maintenance
  • - A kayak-style seat

In addition, your pack will also contain a user guide, including details of how to activate your board’s one-year warranty.

Accessories included with the Two Bare Feet Ultimate pack 

Three-piece carbon pro SUP paddle

Our carbon pro paddles share a similar setup to the SUP paddles found in our other packages: a three-piece construction (the handle, shaft and blade) which are easily assembled and disassembled. We also offer a two-piece option, or upgradte further to our Bamboo Laminate Carbon Pro model.

The length of the paddle is adjustable to suit the rider’s height, and features an ergonomic T-bar shaped handle which makes it comfortable to hold. 

In addition to the paddle being easy to store and transport — just detach the parts when not in use — the fully carbon fibre components means it is considerably lighter in weight. This makes it a more comfortable choice for paddling over longer distances and for extended periods, as it will take your arms longer to tire.

When purchasing your Ultimate package, you will be able to select from one of five carbon pro paddle designs. Please note that non-standard designs will cost a little more.

HP8 High Pressure Dual Action SUP Pump

A premium high-pressure dual-action hand pump is supplied with our Ultimate package.

With a 21 psi rating, it’s suitable for use with a range of inflatables – not just iSUPs.

Switching between single and dual action is simple as flicking a lever– no complicated set up is required!

Thanks to the efficiency of the dual-action pump, after a little practice and finding your rhythm, you’ll be ready to go in minutes; meaning you get to enjoy more time on the water! For optimal pumping, we recommend using your body weight by keeping your back straight and bending your legs with each pump stroke.

It does take a bit of effort, but with practice you’ll eventually be able to inflate your board in minutes; meaning you get to enjoy more time on the water!

More information on the correct way to inflate your board is included in our SUP user guide.

90 litre PVC dry bag backpack

Our highly practical 90 litre drybag backpack is designed to carry and store your Two Bare Feet SUP.

Made of reinforced, easy-to-clean PVC, the carry bag is fully waterproof and has the capacity to also stow all your accessories, including an external holder for the three-piece paddle.

Transporting your equipment is made comfortable and simple, thanks to the padded backpack straps and waist fastener. And when your board has been unloaded for use, the bag also functions as a handy place to store your dry clothes and gear.   

Removable 8.5” polyethylene centre fin

Without a fin, it can be difficult to make your SUP board travel in a straight line, remain stable while paddling or even make a controlled turn.

As a fixed fin is at greater risk of being damaged during storage and transportation, every SUP board we sell comes with an easy-to-fit removeable centre fin.

Deluxe SUP coil leash

It’s important to attach yourself to your paddleboard. A buoyant board can quickly float away from your grasp, especially when there are strong currents or high winds.

Being attached to your paddleboard can prevent exhaustion in the water, or even be lifesaving in some cases, which is why we chose to include the deluxe SUP coil leash.

The leash uses a superior coil cord, which is both strong and long lasting. With one end secured to the D-ring near the tail of the board, the other end attaches to your ankle. To ensure a comfortable fit, simply adjust the Velcro strap. 

The deluxe SUP coil leash is also designed to prevent dragging or tangling in the water, so it won’t get in the way while you’re paddling. 

PVC repair kit with valve-tightening wrench

All our accessory packs include a PVC repair kit which contains:

  • - Repair glue
  • - PVC patches
  • - A valve tightening tool

No matter how robust your inflatable board is, there is a slim chance that small, sharp objects – such as rocks on the shore – could cause a puncture to occur.

Any holes smaller than 1/8’’ can be repaired with a small application of glue. Holes larger than this will need to be patched.

Another common cause of air leakage is a loose or ill-fitting valve. The valve tightening tool will help to remedy this issue.

Please refer to our SUP user guide for more information and assistance on performing inflatable paddleboard repairs.

Kayak-style SUP seat

The Ultimate package comes with a removable high-back kayak-style seat. Compatible with all our boards, the foldable seat is easy to attach or remove using the shackles on the adjustable straps. All it requires is for you to clip the seat into place by attaching it to the board’s D-rings. 

Made with high quality polyester fabric and EVA, the seat is padded for comfort and strengthened with a reinforced centre seam to keep it stable.

Other accessory packages available from Two Bare Feet 

All of boards come with a choice of four SUP accessory packages. In addition to the Ultimate package, you may also be interested in considering or comparing with the others: