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SUP starter package

After browsing through our wide range of Two Bare Feet stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), you’ll have noticed that each model is available with a choice of four exclusive package options. Each paddleboard comes with an abundance of high-quality accessories to kickstart your adventures and enhance your paddling performance.

Inflatable paddleboard accessories in our starter package

As the name suggests, our all-in-one starter package is ideal for those who are new to paddleboarding. Alongside your exciting paddleboard purchase, you’ll receive the following essential accessories when opting for the starter package:

  • - Two Bare Feet standard 3-piece aluminium SUP paddle
  • - HP8 High Pressure Dual Action SUP Pump and pressure gauge
  • - Removable Polyethylene centre fin
  • - 90 Litre PVC drybag backpack for storage of your board
  • - PVC repair kit with valve tightening wrench
  • - Online user guide
  • - Online warranty registration form (1-year warranty from date of purchase)

Two Bare Feet standard three-piece aluminium SUP paddle 

Our standard three-piece aluminium paddle provides decent manoeuvrability through the water due to the dual-strengthened polypropylene blade, which provides rigidness and increases propulsion.

You won’t have to worry about being encumbered when carrying this paddle with your other gear as it breaks down into 3 parts.  The longest part of the paddle is only 87cm long when separated, so that it fits either inside, or easily on the outside of the drybag.

This paddle can also be easily adjusted for height. It features an anti-twist pressure lock, which means you can choose a length that best suits you (between 172cm to 212cm). This level of adjustability makes the paddle easy to store and transport.

In addition, thanks to the ergonomic T-Bar design used for the handle, we’re confident you’ll find this paddle comfortable to use.

HP8 High Pressure Dual Action SUP Pump

Our SUP starter pack includes a premium high-pressure dual-action hand pump with dual action inflation modes this doubles the speed in which the board takes shape.

With a 21 psi rating, it’s suitable for use with a range of inflatables – not just iSUPs.

Switching between single and dual action is simple as flicking a lever– no complicated set up is required!

Thanks to the efficiency of the dual-action pump, after a little practice and finding your rhythm, you’ll be ready to go in minutes; meaning you get to enjoy more time on the water! For optimal pumping, we recommend using your body weight by keeping your back straight and bending your legs with each pump stroke.

Removable polyethylene centre fin 

Inflatable paddleboard fins are essential for providing stability, manoeuvrability and straight-line tracking. Therefore, a high-quality polyethylene centre fin is included with all our packages.

As the fin is removable, it’s much easier to protect it from accidental damage on the shore or during transportation. It further allows the board to compact easier for storage whilst minimising risk of damage to the finbox and board. 

90 litre PVC drybag backpack 

Our starter pack includes a waterproof 90 litre PVC dry bag backpack. The pack is designed to make transportation of your paddleboard easy. However, it can also be used to keep your dry gear together.

Constructed using reinforced PVC, our dry bag backpack is strong, durable, fully waterproof and easy to clean – perfect for use in all types of weather and environments.

PVC repair kit with valve tightening wrench 

Our starter package also includes a PVC repair kit which contains:

  • - Repair glue
  • - PVC patches
  • - A valve tightening tool

No matter how robust your inflatable board is, there is a slim chance that small, sharp objects – such as rocks on the shore – could puncture your iSUP.

Any holes smaller than 1/8’’ can be repaired with a small application of glue. Holes larger than this will need to be patched.

Another common cause of air leakage is a loose or ill-fitting valve. The valve tightening tool will help to remedy this issue.

Our SUP user guide contains further details regarding paddleboard repairs.

SUP board warranty and user guide 

On receiving your order, you will find enclosed links to, both our online warranty registration form, and a copy of our SUP user guide which contains details of how to set up your board and use your accessories. 

Two Bare Feet’s other SUP paddleboard accessory packages 

Aside from our Inflatable SUP Starter Pack, we offer alternative SUP accessory packages to suit the needs of different riders: