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Size comparison of All Round SUP and SUP paddle


All-round SUPs

Do anything, go anywhere, experience everything — an all-round SUP offers an opportunity to sample a wide variety of offshore adventures in the UK or abroad— whether you are new to stand up paddleboarding or a seasoned pro.

Versatile and affordable, all-round iSUPs are best when it comes to finding a board made to tackle the widest range of situations on the water. This makes them an excellent choice for entry-level paddleboarders, as emphasis is placed on stability, control and stress-free fun.

Our range of all-round inflatable SUPs are not left wanting for flair, quality and innovation. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the ride they provide and appreciate the high level of workmanship that’ll become evident as you get to know your board.

Two Bare Feet’s all-round inflatable standup paddle boards 

Among our broad selection of all-round inflatable SUP boards, we’re confident you’ll find one which meets your budget, expectations and experience level.

We’ve utilised different technologies in different models to get the right feel and create a wide range of budgetary options. We’ve also thought carefully about board size and shape in order to build a concise overall range of SUPs, so you can easily find the right fit for your needs.

All of the boards we consider all-round models are 10’6” long and 4.75” thick with differing widths. They are suitable for small-to-medium build riders. Larger riders may find our allround 10’10” SUPs or touring boards more suitable, as the additional volume will allow for a higher weight limit.


Infographic explain allround SUP suitability's for ridersInfographic explain allround SUP suitability's for riders

Beginner all-round inflatable paddle boards

At the budget end of our range are our wider, more stable boards for beginners. So, if you’re looking at getting into paddling for the first time, you can buy a reliable, easy to use board for a modest price.

Our Entradia model offers a wide deck to really inspire confidence as you find your feet and learn to paddle.

Intermediate/advanced all-round inflatable stand up paddleboards

As the range progresses in price, you’ll find that the width decreases. This is because a narrower board is better suited to riders with slightly more experience who can utilise the advantages on offer.

A narrower board is less stable but more agile and faster through the water, offering increased glide with each paddle stroke.

The Archer and Sport Air models being the narrower SUPs in the range also benefit from technologies designed to increase rigidity and in turn, performance.

The Archer features a double PVC strip setup on the deck which increases the tensile strength of the board.

The Sport Air instead uses a double layer of PVC for increased strength and durability, as well as Tough Fusion DWF – making it the most solid, high-performance SUP in our range.

All inflatable stand up paddleboards we offer are built to a maximum pressure rating of 18psi. Not only does this guarantee a sag-free riding experience; it also speaks to our confidence in the quality of the boards’ structural composition.

Our all-round boards are also available in a range of colour schemes – enough to find something that suits your personality.

Allround iSUP accessories

All inflatable stand up paddleboards we sell come with a package of accessories, providing everything you’ll need to get out on the water.

The contents of each package vary according to the level opted for, but as a minimum every tier includes: a paddle, dual action pump, removable fin, drybag, coil leash and repair kit.

For more details on the accessory packages sold by Two Bare Feet, take a look at our SUP package pages:

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