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Allround XL SUPs

Two Bare Feet offers a choice of Allround XL SUPs which will satisfy those who are of above average height or weight.

Like our standard Allround boards, our Allround XL SUPs still cater for a wide range of abilities, from the first-time paddleboarder to the more accomplished. In addition, just like standard Allround SUPs, our XL models accommodate a range of disciplines, from surfing to long-distance paddling and general everyday use. The key difference lies in the fact that they are intended for larger and heavier riders.

Our Allround XL SUPs all have a thickness of 6” which boosts the overall volume and allows the iSUP to accommodate larger loads. Similar to our standard Allround SUPs, our Allround XL boards are available in a range of widths and lengths to suit you.

The balanced design of these boards means that manoeuvring, turning and responsiveness are not compromised by the additional board thickness and volume.

Our boards are also inflatable to 18psi. This is the highest air pressure rating used by iSUP board manufacturers. This doesn't just guarantee a very stiff inflatable SUP; it also demonstrates the confidence we have in the overall construction and build quality of our products.

Shop the Allround XL SUP range at Two Bare Feet 

At Two Bare Feet, Allround XL paddleboards have a 6” thickness. The heavier paddler will feel most secure on rigid 6" inflatable SUPs of decent, durable quality since the additional board depth adds extra volume which translates into additional buoyancy and stability – perfect for supporting the extra weight.4.75” thickness is for standard Allround SUPs, while a 4” board thickness is the minimum for a paddleboard, tending to be the lighter, child-friendly option.

Sport Air Allround XL

    • - Standard 10’10” length
    • - Moderate width
    • - Standard storage capacity
    • - Constructed with Double Wall Fusion PVC with triple layer underside
    • - Single air chamber

The limited-edition Sport Air Allround XL has a larger volume in order to deliver extra stability and increased buoyancy. This volume, combined with the maximum payload, make it more suited to carrying additional riders.

With its 10’10” length, it’s an excellent choice for beginners and skilled paddleboarders alike, meaning you can handle waves or calmer waters. It offers a wide deck for extra stability and is designed for all abilities to achieve relatively high speeds.

Size comparison of All Round XL SUP and SUP paddle


Allround XL board options 

Our wide variety of Allround XL SUPs are intended for a range of riders whilst catering to your specific needs, taste and budget. Each board comes with a great value package of your choosing and. These include:

All our boards are also available in a range of colour schemes, giving you plenty of opportunity to choose a board which fits your personality.

Can I carry passengers on an Allround XL SUP?

Our Allround XL SUPs, have enough board volume to comfortably support a large adult as well as one additional passenger, such as a child or kneeling adult.

Should you wish to bring your canine companion aboard, our boards will be more than ready to cope with the unexpected. The topside of our XL Allround iSUPs have a protective heat moulded EVA deck grip, which helps prevent accidental damage from sharp objects – including animal claws.

Our board models have either a 'large coverage' or 'full coverage' deck grip, which extends the protection available on the deck.

Maximum load for Allround XL inflatable paddleboards

An iSUP’s weight limit is often dependent on the board’s thickness. For instance, a 6” thick board will carry 50% more weight than a 4” board with the same length and width.

While a wider board provides more stability, a longer board can improve speed. Consequently, a higher weight limit often coincides with a thicker and wider board.

Ideally, you don’t want to exceed a board’s weight capacity (or maximum payload) as it will force you lower down into the water. This can make manoeuvring more difficult, and result in unsteadiness and increased drag.

At Two Bare Feet, we state the maximum and recommended payloads for our boards to help you make the right choice. If you plan to ride with additional persons or cargo on one of our Allround XL boards, the following list of maximum payloads may be a useful reference:


Allround XL model

Max payload (kg)

Sport Air Allround XL


Entradia Allround XL