Shop for Snorkels and diving gear from, your online destination for affordable value snorkelling sets and equipment. Free delivery when you spend £70 and fast worldwide shipping available. We have a big selection of snorkels suitable for all ages, from adult snorkels to kids snorkels. Choose from performance dry top snorkels or quality essntial snorkels that are great for holidays at the beach or exploring the pool.

All of the snorkels in our range are made from a silicone hose and purge valve. You will find that because they are made from silicone you will have a super comfortable mouth piece. We have two main types of snorkels, they are standard and dry top and within these types there are many styles to choose from.

Please note that the childrens snorkels are one standard size and the adults snorkels are one standard size.

The standard snorkels are perfect for those who are wanting to just dip their heads under the water rather than going fully under as this snorkel will not stop the water from going into your mouth, whereas a dry top snorkel is designed for those who are wanting to go right under the water as there is a little ball within the snorkel which rises as you go under the water and this prevents water from going into your mouth.

If you are looking at the different dry top snorkels and are wondering what the difference between them are, there is no difference at all. The only difference between them is the style and design. This is the same for the standard snorkels also. 

Buy with confidence

At Two Bare Feet we know that when purchasing snorkelling equipment online it can sometimes hard to judge the exact fit. We want you to buy with complete confidence when shopping with us, so we are more than happy to accept returns or exchanges of snorkelling equipment sold by us if the fit is not suitable for you. For further information, please see our full returns policy.