PVC Mask & Snorkel Sets

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6 Item(s)

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PVC Mask & Snorkel Diving Sets

These Two Bare Feet silicone three piece sets are amazing value for money. All of the items come in protective cases so when taking them with you they will stay safe and protected. Whether you are going on holiday or taking part in water sports we've got the right snorkel set for you!

PVC or Silicone

We have either PVC masks or silicone masks. PVC masks are perfect for short durations and ideal for holidays at home or abroad.

Choosing A Mask

  • The PVC mask is a standard size which we find fits most people. This mask has adjustable straps to fit the user.

For more information on our masks please visit our masks page.

Choosing A Snorkel

We have two types of snorkels, standard and dry top. The standard snorkels are perfect for those who are wanting to just dip their heads under the water rather than going fully under as this snorkel will not stop the water from going into your mouth, whereas a dry top snorkel is designed for those who are wanting to go right under the water as there is a little ball within the snorkel which rises as you go under the water and this prevents water from going into your mouth.

For more information on our snorkels please visit our snorkels page.

If you're going to be spending a long time in the water diving, you may want to consider a wetsuit to keep you warm. Check out our range of wetsuits for the whole family.