Diving Masks

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Diving Masks

A diving mask is an essential piece of kit for all divers – providing the wearer with an unparalleled view of the beauty that lies below the surface of the water. A diver of any ability or experience will find the right snorkel mask for them within Two Bare Feet’s range – we provide for newbies and experts alike!

Aside from the primary visibility benefits, a diving mask also features a nose pocket. This prevents water from going up your nose and allows you to solely rely on your snorkel for air. This makes breathing far easier and provides you with an uninterrupted diving experience.

Our silicone masks all feature a tempered glass lens which provides optimum scratch resistance, as well as a clear view. This high-quality lens material makes our masks suitable for diving in deeper water; they’re able to withstand high pressure at deeper levels without the risk of cracking, keeping you super safe.

Our range also allows you to choose between an assortment of single- and double-lens snorkel masks. Ultimately, your decision will come down to personal preference. Whilst a single lens does provide an unobstructed view, due to the lack of a nose bridge, the increased amount of glass in the mask makes it heavier than a double lens option.

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Whilst suitable for diving anywhere across the world, the silicone straps on our diving masks are ideal for the UK’s cooler coastal waters – they are less likely to slip and are easier to adjust if you choose to wear diving gloves for extra warmth.

Our masks also benefit from soft silicone skirts, making them far comfier to wear than a mask with a harder alternative. The silicone also ensures that the mask will remain secure on your face, reducing the risk of water leaking in.

If you’re on the lookout for an extra special diving experience, take a look at our Sea Galaxy Full Face Snorkel Mask – combining both mask and snorkel to become one handy piece of kit. Available in both adult and child sizes, this mask offers an unrivalled panoramic view, with the added benefit of being able to breathe as if you were on dry land.

Our masks are available in a huge variety of sizes and colours, so you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit. Take a look through our full range of diving accessories to make sure you’re fully equipped for your next trip below the surface. Don't miss our range of wetsuits for the whole family so you can enjoy more time in the water.