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Combining practicality with fun, it’s no wonder that scooters are becoming a preferred way to get around. Environmentally friendly and super portable, scooters are in high-demand at Two Bare Feet.

Our scooters are perfect forthose times when you’re itching to get outside for an exhilarating ride along the streets.Our Stunt Scooters can handle the demands of theskatepark,while our Dirt Scooters are specially designed to be used in most environments, including off-road tracks or grass.

Here at Two Bare Feetwe have you covered for all things scooter-related. We’ll ensure that your scooter will provide an enjoyable riding experience, regardless of age, size and ability level.

Each of our scooters are built to a sturdy, ergonomic design and are made using durable materials, meaning you’ll get to enjoy many years of reliable use.


Stunt Scooters

Encourage the kids to get active and make the school run fun with Two Bare Feet’s Stunt Scooters. Suitable for riders aged 5+and able to handle a maximum weight of 90kg, they are suited to children, teens and adults alike.The hard-wearing frame means they can endure freestyle use and tricks.


Two Bare Feet Cipher Model Stunt Scooter

Affordable and stylish, our Cipher Stunt scooter is an excellent option for entry-level riders – although it’s equally popular amongst more accomplished riders.

This scooter is robust enough to handle frequent use, yet lightweight in feel, resulting in a high-performance ride. A strong steel brake at the rear creates a smooth and controllable ride, whilst the upright T-bar allows for a solid stance, as well as the possibility for a range of tricks to be performed.

The Cipher Stunt Scooter can accommodate different-sized riders comfortably. However, this model is one of the most suitable for small children, as the slightly narrower handlebars make it easy for kids to hold on.


Two Bare Feet Chaos Model Wide Bar Stunt Scooter

Two Bare Feet’s Chaos scooter has much wider BMX-style handlebars. This makes it more suited to larger kids or teens who want to practise tricks. The wide bars promote rider confidence as they provide extra stability and control.

Whether you are looking for your first scooter or an exciting upgrade, the Chaos scooter is a high-performance option that will allow you to ride like the wind and put your local parks to the test!


kids stunt scooters


Exclusive stunt scooter models

Made with serious riders in mind, our stylish Empire, Logo and Neo stunt models are engineered to perform under pressure, offering superior build quality with solid components.

To provide increased stability, the Empire Model Stunt Scooter has wider bars and a large deck which allows you to ride faster and harder. This is also great for beginners who may require a stable platform on which to learn the basics.

The Logo Model Stunt Scooter offers similar advantages to the Empire model whilst featuring a flashy and scratch-resistant colour application.

Alternatively, you can really look the part with ourpopular Neo Model Stunt Scooter, with its fully neochrome anodised colourway, clear griptape and neochrome alloy wheels.


Dirt Scooters

Don’t be confined to the skatepark. Broaden your horizons with Two Bare Feet’s heavy-duty Dirt Scooters.

Intended to be used off-road on a range of terrains – from grass to mud – our dirt scooters have an incredibly strong build which makes them slightly taller and heavier. As a result,we recommend this style of scooters for riders aged 7+.

Constructed using toughened materials and chunky off-road tyres,these scooters can be used on a variety of surfaces, no matter where you wish to go.


Scooter parts and accessories

We offer a wide selection of Two Bare Feet parts and accessories for scooters. Whether you want to revamp or repair your scooter, we provide every spare part you could possibly need, including:


All our scooter accessories and spare parts offer a near universal fit, so you won’t need to worry about parts not being compatible when customising your scooter.