Our scooters are perfect for those times when you’re itching to get outside for an exhilarating ride. Our Stunt Scooters can handle the demands of the skatepark, while our Dirt Scooters are specially designed to be used in most environments, including off-road tracks or grass.

Here at Two Bare Feet, we have you covered for all things scooter-related. We’ll ensure that your scooter will provide an enjoyable riding experience, regardless of age, size, and ability level.

Each of our scooters are built to a sturdy, ergonomic design and are made using durable materials, meaning you’ll get to enjoy many years of reliable use. Our dirt scooters are suitable for riders aged 7+ with a max weight of 100kg. And our stunt scooters are suitable for riders aged 5+ and able to handle a max weight of 90kg , making them great for children, teens, and adults alike.

Get your exclusive stunt scooter

Great for beginners who may require a stable platform on which to learn the basics, our Cipher, Wedge, and Aztec Stunt Scooters provide increased stability.  These scooters are robust enough to handle frequent use, yet lightweight in feel, resulting in a high-performance ride. A strong steel brake at the rear offers smooth control, whilst the upright T-bar allows for a solid stance, as well as the possibility for a range of tricks to be performed.

With a larger deck, wheel diameter, and wider BMX-style bars to provide increased stability, the Logo Stunt Scooter is our mid-tier stunt scooter. It also features a flashy and scratch-resistant colour application. 

The Terra Firma Stunt Scooter caters for intermediate and experienced riders who are looking to push themselves and their bag of tricks. A wide 110mm CNC-milled deck and 54cm chrome-moly steel handlebars with Y-bar reinforcement make for a sure-footed ride with precision control.

Alternatively, you can really look the part with our top-tier Metropolis Stunt Scooter features a wide CNC-milled deck and chrome-moly steel handlebars for a lightweight but durable ride. 

Don't be confined to the skatepark

Broaden your horizons with Two Bare Feet’s heavy-duty Dirt Scooters. Constructed using sturdy materials and chunky off-road tyres, these dirt scooters are intended to be used off-road on various terrains – from grass to mud. Our dirt scooters have a solid build making them slightly taller and heavier than our standard stunt scooter. As a result, we recommend this style of scooter for riders aged 7+ with a maximum weight of 100kg.