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Scooter Handlebars

One-piece scooter handlebars are a popular choice, especially amongst serious riders. With a fixed T-bar design, they provide additional stability and rigidity which inspires confidence when riding.

Our Two Bare Feet handlebars are made from solid aluminum which means they offer an optimal balance between a lightweight feel and substantial strength. In other words, they are designed to perform well under pressure.

Our scooter bars are available in an array of colours. Even though durable rubber grips are included with your handlebar purchase, you may want to add to your collection by checking out our colourful variety of grips, wheels, bearings or clamps.


Pro Series Scooter Bars with Grips

Available in a range of classic colours, our Pro Series Scooter Bars offer high-performance, durability and stability all combined. These individual handlebars for scooters are easy to set up and will allow you to update your ride without spending a fortune.

Worrying about the fit won’t be an issue since these handlebars are designed to fit all Two Bare Feet Stunt Scooters as well as a range of standard-sized models of other brands including JD Bug, MGP, and Grit. For added security, we also recommend using one of our heavy-duty quad clamps.

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