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Investing in scooter handle grips is an excellent way to refresh your ride, without splashing the cash on a new scooter.

We supply a wide range of scooter grips in various colours and materials so that you can easily customise your scooter. Mix and match your handle grips with our colourful range of scooter wheels, handlebars, clamps and bearings.

Our scooter grips offer outstanding comfort and firm control for any rider. They are a standard size which means they fit most handlebars – for instance, they can be used on a stunt scooter, dirt scooter, BMX or mountain bike. They also fit all Two Bare Feet scooters as well as numerous other scooter brands – including JD Bug, MGP and Grit.

Ultra Series Silicon Handlebar Grips

Our eye-catching Ultra Series Silicon Grips are the perfect option if you’re a fan of bright, neon colours.

Each pair is easy to attach to your scooter. Once installed, you’ll be able to rely on them for many rides to come.

The soft silicone material makes them ideal for street or freestyle riders as they provide exceptional comfort and grip. The diamond pattern grip surface will also reduce fatigue and slippage, even during the most demanding of sessions.

Deluxe Series Scooter Handlebar Grips

Two Bare Feet’s Deluxe Series grips are another great option if you are looking at revamping your scooter.

These soft rubber handle grips provide good comfort and control, whilst the highly versatile design allows you to use them on a variety of scooters, mountain bikes and even BMX bikes.

Rubber & silicone scooter handle grips

Ultra Series Rubber Handlebar Grips

Inject some colour into your ride with our Ultra Series rubber grips. Their classic ribbed texture will help reduce slippage, which you’ll be grateful for when putting your scooter to the test.

Sold in pairs, these grips are easy to install and long-lasting. They’re equally suited to freestyle and street-style riding.

Pro Series Scooter Handlebar Grips

Two Bare Feet’s Pro Series Scooter Grips are a must-have accessory if you wish to add some colour and variation to your scooter – or if you simply need some replacements.

These grips are made of a soft, durable rubber material which will eliminate any discomfort on a ride.