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  1. Two Bare Feet Dirt Scooter (Black)
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Embrace the great outdoors with Two Bare Feet’s heavy-duty dirt scooters. Whether you wish to scoot down the street, or hit the skatepark, our dirt scooters are specially designed to be used on all terrain, including off-road. Built to a versatile design, you can still practise tricks as you would on our classic Stunt Scooters. Furthermore, they are suitable for older kids, teens and adults and are available in various colour options to fit your style.


Two Bare Feet All-Terrain Dirt Scooters

Our off-road scooters are engineered using chunky pneumatic tyres, making them ideal for extreme riding on a range of different surfaces. They provide additional grip while the rolling radius is large enough to handle uneven terrain which would be a struggle on a standard stunt scooter.

Two Bare Feet’s dirt scooters possess an incredibly strong build, being made using tough, quality materials – including aluminium and steel. Such features make our kid's dirt scooters slightly taller and heavier than our other ranges, so we recommend they are used by ages 7+.

This robust scooter gives you the opportunities to go anywhere at any time. It features the following components:

  • - Full aluminum deck
  • - Toughened steel Y-handlebar
  • - Toughened steel fork
  • - Heavy-duty quad clamp
  • - A full-length grip tape with a cool custom graphic
  • - 190mm x 40mm off-road pneumatic tyres (or wheels)
  • - ABEC 5 bearings
  • - A durable, fixed steel foot brake


Two Bare Feet Scooter Products

Looking to personalise or update your scooter? We’ve got you covered with a great selection of unique scooter parts and accessories. We have everything you could possibly need: from colourful handlebars, grips and wheels to clamps and bearings. Plus, you won’t need to worry about getting the wrong size as our accessories offer a near universal fit.

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