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Whether you’re looking to give your board a bit of much needed TLC, update its look or start completely from scratch with a custom board, Two Bare Feet offers all the hardware and accessories needed.

Our range of skateboard bearings come boxed in sets of eight and boast a high ABEC rating, allowing you to boost your speed and smoothness – essential for the perfect skating experience. Check our bearings guide below to find the right set for you. If you’re on the look-out for a complete board overhaul, be sure to look through our full range of skateboard hardware.


Pro Series Chrome Precision Bearings

If you’re looking for speed, this is the set for you. Boasting an ABEC9 rating, the Pro Series Chrome Precision Bearings are suitable for longboards, skateboards and scooters and are guaranteed to ensure impressive speeds. The Chrome finish ensures these bearings are strong and resilient, even in the damp and humidity. The high ABEC rating demonstrates the impressive level of precision, meaning an even smoother ride.

The Chrome finish also means they remain as light as possible, allowing for tricks to be orchestrated more easily. Complete with splash-proof rubber casings, this collection also includes four spacers and eight washers.


Pro Series Precision Bearings

Suitable for both skateboards and longboards, the Pro Series Precision Bearings hold an ABEC7 rating, making them ideal to boost your speeds. Easy to install, these bearings will give your wheels a smooth, fast spin, whilst remaining strong and durable.

Finished with splash-proof rubber casings, this is the perfect set to upgrade your boarding set-up.

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Edge Series Retro Skateboard Bearings

Ideal for customising our cruiser retro skateboards, our Edge Series Retro Skateboard Bearings hold an ABEC7 rating, guaranteeing a super quick skating experience.

Suitable for 59mm wheels, these bearings are simple to install making them a great option for your first customisation.