Choose from a wide variety of Two Bare Feet skateboards and longboards, all available to buy online from our skate shop. You’ll find our skate department is packed full of top skateboard gear, including the hottest trend in skateboarding – surfskate boards.

Types of skateboard

Classic skateboards – Also known as a double kick or concave skateboard, this classic style is perfect for street and park skaters looking to perform various tricks from either end of the board. 

Longboards – Great for freeriding, cruising, or carving, Two Bare Feet longboards are the ultimate cruise board. Check out our guide on longboards to help you choose the best deck for you.

SurfskatesSurfskate boards are built with spring-loaded carving trucks, different from your standard longboard or skateboard. The spring allows you to pump your board to generate speed, turn tighter, and carve harder. 

Skateboard parts and accessories

WheelsSkateboard wheels play a crucial role in enhancing your skating experience by providing the desired speed or manoeuvrability based on the terrain or style you opt for. Different sizes with varying durometers and shapes cater to different skating styles like street skating or vert ramps.

At Two Bare Feet, we offer 50-54mm wheels for skateboards – great for beginners and those who prefer a mid-to-firm ride. Our longboards feature 70mm wheels with 78a durability.

Bearings and trucks – Skateboard bearings are a universal size, so you don’t need to switch them out even if you change your wheel size. They’re measured using the ABEC scale with the higher rating equalling faster speed. We offer a high rating of ABEC9 bearings, perfect for a fast, effortless ride.

The trucks you use for your board will be reflected in what type of ride you’re after. High trucks are preferred for speed, whereas low trucks are popular for tricks and technical street skating. We recommend standard trucks between 5.0”-5.875” for the best all-round ride.

Skateboard protective gear – Safety is paramount during any sport – we offer a 7-piece set of skateboard protective gear. Made up of a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards, we have you completely covered.

The helmet features an adjustable chin strap, a classic sidecut design and is finished with a strong ABS outer casing. All our safety pads feature a hard plastic cap with a soft foam inner lining. Available in a variety of sizes, our pads come with Velcro adjustable straps for maximum comfort.