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Here at Two Bare Feet we are proud to offer a wide range of maple longboards – from pintail to carving boards, and cruisers to freeriding boards – we’re confident that you will find the style you’re after in a design that suits you. Each of our boards boast decks made of several layers of maple wood, making them super strong, and finished with a layer of grip tape to keep your feet firmly planted when boarding.

Longboarding is the perfect sport for all abilities. For a beginner it’s simple to learn, while riders with more expertise will continue to evolve their skill by mastering more tricks and techniques. Our boards will cater for novices, expert riders and everyone in between.

For those of you only just entering the world of longboarding: don’t be intimidated by our extensive variety of shapes and sizes. This just means you’re guaranteed to find a board perfectly suited to your own unique style, whether you’re a beginner or not. Our handy guide will take you through our board variations and help you make the perfect purchase.

Looking for an elegant longboard that looks different but doesn’t compromise on performance? Why not check out our range of beautiful eco-friendly bamboo longboards?


The 824 Complete Pintail Longboard Skateboard

Easily the most versatile of our range, the Two Bare Feet 824 Complete Pintail Longboard Skateboard is a great all-rounder.

Featuring a 46”, 7 ply maple deck, this board not only boasts super stability even at high speeds, but also suits slower speeds allowing beautifully smooth turns. The deck’s streamlined shape makes it ideal for downhill runs, whilst the long 29” wheelbase offers greater control when orchestrating turns at these high speeds.

Whilst this board is an amazing option for those of you looking for a viable mode of transport, its top mount trucks mean that it can also be used to perform some pretty impressive carving tricks.

Available in a huge range of designs and suitable for riders of any abilities, our modern take on a classic longboard is about to become your new best friend.


The 821 Complete Longboard Skateboard

Featuring drop-through trucks for added stability and expert turns, our 821 Complete Longboard Skateboard is the perfect commuting or freeriding board. Suitable for all levels, from beginner to expert alike, this board is capable of expertly managing slow and medium speeds.

The risk of wheelbite is eliminated by the cutaway shape of the deck, meaning you can get away with super tight turns despite the low ride height.

Made up of a 42” 7 ply maple deck, the 821 is a perfect option if you’re looking for a bit of versatility: not only will it cater for longer journeys or freeriding, it’s also a great choice if you fancy practising your sliding techniques.

As with our whole longboard range, this board boasts a huge selection of design options, so you’re guaranteed to find a style to suit your taste.


The 827 Complete Longboard

The Two Bare Feet 827 Complete Longboard’s PU casted wheels and ABEC5 bearings allow for amazing turns and speeds, whilst the kick tail feature ensures impressively easy, smooth kickturns, making this board great at manoeuvring in tight spaces or navigating city streets.

A fantastic all-rounder, the 827 is perfect for turning your usual commute into a smooth experience. Arriving fully assembled, the board is finished with a slick black grip tape top for super secure boarding. For an extra personal touch, choose your own wheel colour for no additional charge.


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The 829 Complete Carving Skateboard

Surfing enthusiasts, this one’s for you. At 29” the 829 Complete Carving Skateboard is the smallest longboards in our range, often considered to be a surfskate board. A great choice for those of you looking to perform long surfing-esque turns rather than build speed, this versatile little board will see you through carving tricks and slower cruising without a worry.

The pivoted ‘turnaround’ front truck allows for some impressive turns as well as the ability to orchestrate a flowing ‘pump’ action to propel the board forward, rather than relying on the traditional pushing method.

In true Two Bare Feet style, our 829 surfskate range offers several expertly designed finishing options, so you can choose a style to suit you. Arriving fully assembled, this board is good to go the minute you get your hands on it.


The “Stealth Rider” Drop Down Longboard Skateboard

Featuring a classic longboard look thanks to its twin tip design, our aptly named “Stealth Rider” Drop Down Longboard Skateboard is ideal for a variety of skaters and is sure to eat away at those miles, making long journeys a breeze.

Made up of a high-quality 8 ply maple deck and finished with full-length grip tape, this board is accented with a drop-down deck, which will keep you close to the ground while adding extra stability.

Arguably the sleekest of our boards, the Stealth Rider lives up to its name with its stylish black finish. Customisation is available with this board – choose your favourite wheel colour to add that personal touch.

Still a beginner? Don’t be put off by the expert name and features. The stealth rider is perfect for all abilities – its 9.75” width and deep concave provide a huge deck surface, making it a great learning board. Blurring the lines between a cruiser and a longboard, this may be your best choice if you’re looking for a board to do the distance.