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We've stuck with a classic shape for our double kick skateboards. With various designs, you'll be all set to get out on the streets and practice your tricks! A classic double kick board allows you to complete tricks from both ends of the board, ensuring you'll be able to confidently display your skills after a little practice! 

Whatever you call them, banana board, double kick, or concave skateboard – you’re guaranteed a smooth ride. With all Two Bare Feet skateboards there’s a variety of designs on quality maple boards at great value prices – so why wait any longer? Get your new skateboard today.

Laser Logo Canadian Maple Complete Skateboard

Be it your very first skateboard, or one after years of skating, the Laser Logo Complete Skateboard is the most capable build you're likely to find at this price. Each component has been designed to offer a setup that will last when performing on the streets and in skate parks.

The individual wood-stain deck base on these boards is simple and contemporary. The deck also features a medium concave which offers an ideal balance between support for your feet and control for tricks.

Available in four deck sizes (7.75", 8", 8.25" and 8.5"), each deck is equipped with appropriate trucks and wheels. However, if you're a more experienced skater and know what combination of deck, truck and wheel sizes you're looking for, head on over to our custom complete listing where you can build your complete board.

Boarding Co Complete Double Kick Skateboard

Offering great potential for street skating or rail tricks – and even big air in some instances– this board is perfect for enthusiastic riders with some experience in skateboarding.

Again, the double kick design creates a concave deck so you can use both ends of the skateboard for manoeuvring.

Our Boarding Co Complete Double Kick Skateboard is constructed with Chinese Maple and Canadian Maple, ensuring a high-quality feel and increased durability.

Along with a 31” x 8” deck, these complete skateboards feature aluminium seagull trucks, 5mm riser pads and polyurethane (PU) bushings. A smooth riding experience is guaranteed with the 54 x 36mm PU casted wheels and ABEC5 bearings.

‘Checkmate’ Complete Double Kick Skateboard

Featuring a timeless checkerboard design, our ‘Checkmate’ Complete Double Kick Skateboard is both stylish and well-made.

Sporting a double kick concave composition and a 31” x 8” deck, this model is suitable for every skill level and has the potential to be used for flat-ground tricks, rail tricks and ramps.

It’s also made with the same sturdy materials used in our other double kick designs, meaning it’s just as hard-wearing.

‘Since ’94’ Complete Double Kick Skateboard

Our unique ‘Since ‘94’ Complete Double Kick Skateboard offers an ideal platform for street and park skateboarding and can be used for tricks and big air. 

It shares the same dimensions and quality features as our other double kick skateboards and provides a stable, agile, and versatile ride.

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Whether you are inspired by our classic skateboards and complete longboards, or you’re an admirer of our innovative bamboo longboards and retro cruisers, our high-quality skateboards will provide the performance and style that you seek.

Alternatively, if your board needs a refresh or replacement parts, we offer a wide variety of parts and accessories.