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  1. Two Bare Feet 'Noserider' 60" Bamboo Longboard Complete Skateboard Two Bare Feet 'Noserider' 60 New
    Two Bare Feet 'Noserider' 60" Bamboo Longboard Complete Skateboard
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It’s a serious case of style meets substance when it comes to our amazing Bamboo Longboards. This premium eco-friendly range is about to jump to the very top of your wishlist: the slick design and high-quality finish is already making them a firm Two Bare Feet favorite.

We’re proud to offer a bamboo board to cater for all longboarding styles, from a 32 inch cruiser all the way up to a 60 inch plank and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to bring some fun to your daily commute or a board to help improve your tricks, there’s something for everyone in this exciting collection.

The various models within our bamboo longboard category are reinforced with either fibreglass or maple wood to ensure that the deck maintains optimum strength and flex. The range also offers a choice between drop-through, step-down and top-mounted decks, meaning you’re guaranteed to find your perfect board.

The spray-on grip featured on the decks of many of our bamboo longboards, is made up of recycled glass particles. This guarantees optimum grip for easy riding, and ensures that the board’s beautiful design remains visible.



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Juxtaposing the slick wooden look of the bamboo deck, each board is finished with a set of our brightly coloured, high-quality wheels, ensuring the undeniable fun of longboarding remains a prominent design feature. The choice of wheels, along with the impressive ABEC7 rated bearings, ensure that you can achieve a fast and smooth boarding experience.

Our bamboo longboards will arrive fully assembled and ready to ride, so you can waste no time in appreciating their quality and beautiful finish for yourself. If you fancy a little customisation, be sure to look through our extensive selection of longboard accessories to add that personal touch.

If you are in the market for a high-quality longboard, we also carry an extensive range of maple wood longboards that you may also wish to consider.

Two Bare Feet Bamboo Series Longboards bring the coolest in sustainable Bamboo construction boards, precision components and high-performance materials. Various models also feature our Bamboo / Fiberglass laminate blend for increased strength and flex. Available in a large range of sizes and styles, from a 32 inch cruiser, to a 60 inch plank, with everything in between. Drop-through, step down and top mounted decks bring in additional concave and flex features for incredible board feel and performance throughout this high-quality premium range of skateboards!