Retro Skateboards

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Find your new favourite skateboard after browsing Two Bare Feet’s immense collection of retro cruisers. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the wealth of colour options available; keep it simple with our classic designs and blend options, or stand out with our printed retro skateboards.

From refreshing pastel shades to our unique metallic cruisers, we offer the greatest selection of quality retro skateboards in the UK.

If you’re looking for more individuality, why not build your own retro skateboard? Choose a custom design with our complete set-up creator, which affords thousands of possible combinations. All you need to do is select the deck, trucks and wheels to suit you!

Alternatively, revamp or repair your ride with our skateboard parts and accessories which are designed to improve your skateboarding experience.


Classic Cruisers

Our classic cruisers are based on a timeless 1970s design which is very much in demand–over forty years later. Updated for the modern era by using recent tech, such as super-strong plastic injection moulds, these boards offer a nostalgic ride but with modern-day performance. We offer two iconic variations within our classic retro skateboard category, available in a range of colour combinations:


Classic Edge Series Retro Skateboard 22”

  • - 22" x 6" deck
  • - 3" trucks with 90A bushings
  • - 59mm (78A) super smooth wheels
  • - ABEC7 bearings with spacers


With a simple and stylish design, Two Bare Feet’s 22” Classic Edge Retro Skateboard is one of our bestselling products.

Its slightly smaller size makes it both light, portable and well-suited to tight cornering and smooth cruising. Whilst ideal for beginners, there’s no reason why more experienced boarders may not also wish to put it through its paces.


Retro Cruiser Skateboard XL 27”

  • - 27" x 7.5" deck
  • - 4" trucks with 90A bushings
  • - 59mm (78A) super smooth wheels
  • - ABEC7 bearings with spacers


With a similar look and feel to our Classic Edge boards, our XL Retro Cruisers are engineered to be longer, wider and quicker. The  27" board is easier to ride if you have larger feet and is another great alternative for those who enjoy cruising culture.


Retro cruiser skateboard variations


22” retro skateboard variations

We offer a wealth of alternative designs alongside our Classic Edge retro boards. The same dimensions and specifications applied to our Classic Edge series are used for our other 22” boards. They are also easy to use and afford a super-smooth, quick ride. The key differences lie in the incredibly distinctive deck stylings:



Inject some colour into your life and get ready for the warmer months with Two Bare Feet’s pastel skateboard collection. With candy coloured tones, these unique boards provide the perfect look for summer with their 22" x 6" pastel-coloured decks.



If you’re struggling to pick a single colour for your board, take a look at our exclusive blends series. These boards offer blended multi-coloured decks with striking, fresh shades – perfect for adding a vibrant tinge of colour to your environment while cruising through the streets.



Shine bright with our premium metallics selection. With a shimmering chrome finish on the deck, you’ll be sure to stand out from the rest. Paired with metallic trucks and semi-transparent wheels, these boards are a must for anyone who wants to add some bling to their retro ride.



From jelly beans to safari patterns, Two Bare Feet’s printed retro skateboards feature an individually printed graphic on the deck’s underside. Combine this with a light, fun colour to match your bright personality!


Custom build your retro skateboard

We’re certain you’ll be smitten with our creative retro cruisers. However, if this is not the case, why not customise your skateboard to truly reflect your personality?

Choose from a huge selection of bespoke deck, wheel and truck colours to create your perfect, unique skateboard. If you wish, you can even select varying colours for each wheel with our premium custom cruiser skateboards. The decision’s yours to make. Whatever you choose, we’ll ensure your new ride is packaged securely and delivered to your door – that’s our hassle-free promise to you!