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Revamp your ride with our vibrant array of scooter wheels. Whether you’re repairing or updating a stunt scooter, you can create a whole new look without having to invest in a brand-new one.

Our robust scooter wheels are hard-wearing so that they can handle pressure. They offer high-performance for smooth riding and speed. Conveniently made to fit all Two Bare Feet scooters, our standard-sized wheels also fit many popular scooter brands, including JD Bug, MGP, Grit and others.

At Two Bare Feet we offer a great selection of wheels to suit your style. Add the personal touch by mixing and matching high-quality wheels and grips, available in a variety of colour options – from subtle shades to loud tones.

Supplied with a pre-installed ABEC9 bearing, all our scooter wheels are easy to set-up and can be used straight out of the box.

TBF Pro Series Scooter Wheel

These heavy-duty stunt scooter wheels offer great value and excellent quality. Whether you opt for a pair of wheels or a single wheel to add a splash of colour – you’ll get to choose amongst a range of interesting hues and pack options.

Our Pro Series Scooter Wheel is solid and hard-wearing in design. They will work seamlessly with our stunt scooter range. Purchase a single wheel or a pair, depending on your preference.

Alloy scooter wheels

Our extensive range of alloy wheels are highly durable and long lasting, on account of their aluminium core construction. They all feature similar dimensions but differ in design and colour. With alternate spoke designs, you’ll be able to personalise the look of your scooter – whether you prefer a solid style core or as few spokes as possible.

TBF Alloy Series Scooter Wheel V10

Available as a single wheel or in a two-pack, our Alloy Series Scooter wheels are made with premium aluminium and possess a durable ten-spoke design.

TBF Alloy Series Scooter Wheel – Full On

These aluminium core replacement stunt scooter wheels are lightweight and eye-catching. An excellent replacement option, they are equipped with a super-rebound PU outer casing to add durability. These 100mm wheels fit all our stunt scooters, as well as 95% of other brands.

TBF Alloy Series Scooter Wheel – 5 Star

The five-star spoke design of these wheels is simple and stylish. This wheel range offers strong build quality, thanks to a superior alloy core.

TBF Alloy Series Scooter Wheel – Super Six

The super six-spoke design on these wheels makes for a great alternative when you're looking to refresh your scooter. Again, they are easy to fit and incredibly robust.

Scooter wheels with ABEC9 bearing  

Other scooter accessories

Here at Two Bare Feet we have all you could possibly need for your scooter.

We supply a variety of bright handlebar grip options so that you can further personalise your ride – whether you like to match your wheels or clash different shades on purpose.

In addition we provide classic handlebars, clamps, bearings and protective equipment, in a range of colours.