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Suitable for all water sport’s disciplines, wetsuit boots are the perfect purchase to accompany your new wetsuit. Offering insulation in cold water, as well as providing invaluable grip and protection, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Two Bare Feet wetsuit boots.

All boots in our range are constructed from high quality neoprene, in thicknesses ranging from 3 – 5mm. Neoprene is universally favoured in swimming gear for its durable quality, meaning that our boots will see you through many years’ worth of trips to the beach. Neoprene boots are fast drying, making them great to use multiple times throughout the day, as well as preventing you from carrying around wet gear.

Diving Boots

If you’re setting out on a diving adventure the 6015 diving boots are a great choice for a diving adventure. Coming up high on the leg, our dive boots are especially designed to ensure that there is no exposed skin for optimum warmth. Because of this extended cut, these boots must be worn with a wetsuit to prevent them filling with water. Featuring 5mm insulating neoprene, they will keep your feet warm when diving, whilst protecting them from any unseen underwater hazards, such as sharp coral.

Venturing into an especially hazardous area? Try out our 6024 boots, which benefit from an extra tough rubber and heel toe wrap for additional protection. Both pairs feature a side zip closure, as well as a Velcro seal for added security. Whilst designed with the perfect dive in mind, these boots are also a great choice for surfing, stand up paddle boarding or bodyboarding, but as with the 6015 they must be worn with a full-length suit. As family wetsuit specialists, we carry women's wetsuits, men's wetsuits, and children's wetsuits.

For those of you on the look-out for the ultimate all-round diving boot, you can’t go wrong with our unisex standard zipped boots, available in adults and junior sizes, these boots boast a 3mm thickness. This creates a lightweight feel, whilst the boots remain thick enough to keep your toes toasty. The flexible rubber outsole provides optimum grip, making these boots great for surfing, paddle boarding or just exploring slippery seaside terrain – however, make sure they are worn with a full length wetsuit to prevent them filling with water.

neoprene wetsuit socks and boots

Diving and Surfing Boots

If you’re looking for a wetsuit boot suitable for both diving and surfing, look no further than our 001 boots. Constructed from 5mm thick neoprene, these boots will provide your feet with optimum warmth, even during the colder months.

They also benefit from an extra thick heel and toe wrap creating maximum protection. However, this thick heel is super flexible, ensuring that you can still feel your board beneath your feet and adjust your footing easily.

Our 6025 diving/wetsuit boots are another great option for those of you look for a multi-purpose wetsuit boot. Like the 001s, these boots boast a super thick 5mm thickness, with the added benefit of a neoprene toe for flexibility. Whilst designed for surfing and diving, both of these boots are also suitable for beach wear, but must be worn with a full length wetsuit.

All-rounder Wetsuit Boots

The unisex ankle strap wetsuit boots are also a fantastic all-rounder, designed for surfing, diving or paddle boarding. Boasting a hardwearing rubber outsole, these boots offer excellent grip for when you’re on your board but will also protect your feet from any sharp rocks or potential stinging fish. Their adjustable ankle straps will make them super secure, no matter what adventures you’re planning. The strap also prevents water from entering the top of the boot, meaning they do no need to be worn with a full length suit.

Wetsuit Socks

Our range of wetsuit boots features a selection of super comfy wetsuit socks, constructed from a Lycra/neoprene blend and available for both kids and adults. Providing sufficient protection from rubbing diving fins, these socks can be worn when swimming outside but are also great for indoor use.

The addition of Lycra makes these socks incredibly stretchy and flexible but as they are much softer than other wetsuit boots, they must be worn with diving fins for the ultimate experience.


If you want to get fully kitted out with essential wetsuit accessories, be sure to look at our neoprene wetsuit set. Complete with boots, gloves, hood and a handy travel bag, this set features everything you need to keep warm underwater, all year long.