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SUP Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Packs

SUP Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Package

Once you have found your new SUP (stand-up paddleboard), you’ll have a selection of exclusive accessory packages to choose from. These contain all the essential equipment for your adventures out on the water.

Inflatable paddleboard accessories in our Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Package

Our Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Package comes with the following high-quality accessories:

  • - Two Bare Feet three-piece fibreglass hybrid SUP paddle
  • - HP8 High Pressure Dual Action SUP Pump and pressure gauge
  • - Removable 8.5” polyethylene centre fin
  • - Kayak-style SUP seat
  • - 90 litre PVC drybag backpack for storage of your board
  • - Deluxe SUP coil leash
  • - PVC repair kit with valve-tightening wrench
  • - Online user guide
  • - Online warranty registration form (one-year warranty from date of purchase)

Two Bare Feet fibreglass hybrid SUP paddle

Our high-performance Two Bare Feet fibreglass hybrid SUP paddle is designed with a dual-strengthened polypropylene blade which provides rigidity while increasing propulsion. At the same time, its ergonomic T-Bar handle guarantees comfort.

The three-piece paddle can be adjusted easily for rider height (between 162cm to 210cm) and will stay in place after adjustment thanks to the anti-twist pressure lock. The ideal paddle length is 6" (15cm) longer than your height, as this allows for a long paddle stroke, but keeps the paddle a manageable size.

This paddle is a popular choice, being practical and easy to store, lightweight and buoyant. It will even fit in your drybag backpack, which is included in the deluxe package deal.

HP8 High Pressure Dual Action SUP Pump

Our Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Package also includes one of the highest-performing SUP pumps available.high-pressure dual-action hand pump with dual action inflation modes this doubles the speed in which the board takes shape.

With a 21 psi rating, it’s suitable for use with a range of inflatables – not just iSUPs.

Switching between single and dual action is simple as flicking a lever– no complicated set up is required!

Thanks to the efficiency of the dual-action pump, after a little practice and finding your rhythm, you’ll be ready to go in minutes; meaning you get to enjoy more time on the water! For optimal pumping, we recommend using your body weight by keeping your back straight and bending your legs with each pump stroke.

Removable polyethylene centre fin 

The centre fin of an inflatable paddleboard is a vital component, as it provides the stability, manoeuvrability and straight-line tracking necessary to make your board usable.

We have included a removable polyethylene centre fin in the Deluxe Package, which is practical, easy to store, and – as it can be attached and detached easily – potentially less prone to accidental damage (when detached).

Kayak-style SUP seat 

Our kayak-style SUP seat is a great addition to any paddleboard. It will give you the freedom to sit back, relax and enjoy views on the water.

These seats are fully adjustable and removable. All you need to do is simply attach the clips to the four deck-mounted rings you’ll find on top of all Two Bare Feet SUPs. Once attached, simply adjust the straps according to your size and comfort.

This seat model is highly portable and easy to store as it can be folded up.

90 litre PVC dry bag backpack 

Your deluxe package also includes a waterproof 90 litre PVC dry backpack so that you can transport your board and gear with ease.

Made using reinforced PVC, these bags are waterproof, highly durable and easy to clean. This makes them perfect for different environments and weather conditions.

Deluxe SUP coil leash 

Staying connected to your board while out on the water will ensure that it won’t float away from you and can even save your life if water currents are particularly strong. With safety in mind, we therefore provide a Deluxe SUP coil leash in our accessory packages.

The leash is made with a strong coil cord, which will not drag in the water. You can either attach it to your ankle, depending on your preference, using the adjustable Velcro cuff.

PVC repair kit with valve-tightening wrench 

To keep your board in top condition, our Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Package comes with a PVC repair kit, containing the following items:

  • - Repair glue
  • - PVC patches
  • - A valve tightening tool

Inflatable paddleboards are naturally vulnerable to puncturing, especially when used in coastal areas where there are plenty of sharp rocks. We therefore supply repair glue for holes smaller than 1/8” as well as PVC patches for larger holes.

Air leakage is another potential issue, which is often caused by the valve not being tightened appropriately. We provide a specialist valve tightening tool for this purpose and recommend that you always inspect the valve when using your board.

Our SUP user guide contains further details regarding paddleboard repairs.

SUP board warranty and user guide 

All of our iSUPs are supplied with a one-year warranty and a copy of our SUP user guide, which contains details of how to set up your board and use your accessories. 

Two Bare Feet’s other SUP paddleboard accessory packages

At Two Bare Feet, we sell a range of innovative andhigh quality stand up paddle boards as well as accessories. Our Inflatable SUP Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Pack is just one of the package options to consider. Our other options include: