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At Two Bare Feet we don’t just design ground-breaking stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) – we also offer a range of high-quality SUP accessories to complement your board and enhance your experiences out on the water. When making your paddleboard purchase, you’ll find that some of our accessories feature in our exclusive package options too.

SUP paddles 

Investing in a decent paddle is essential to getting the best performance out of your board. We have a selection of paddles designed to deliver the strokes that will propel you forward on your adventures.

All our paddles are easy to store and transport, especially the three-piece models. Our range can be simplified into three main categories:


Aluminium paddles

Our aluminium paddles are formed from three components (handle, shaft and blade) which are easy to connect. The adaptable design means they are suited to all-round performance, while the length can be altered to suit a range of heights.

Carbon Pro SUP paddles

Our carbon SUP paddles are made of carbon fibre, as the name suggests. They are available in either two- or three-piece builds. Engineered to be lightweight, they are particularly advantageous when touring, racing or surfing – reducing the potential for arm fatigue on longer journeys, or during more strenuous paddling activity.

Carbon hybrid paddles

­Our carbon hybrid SUP paddles differ in terms of their construction; they have a carbon shaft combined with a polyurethane blade. Depending on your style you may prefer a lighter fully-carbon paddle, or a carbon hybrid paddle which affords better stability.


SUP leashes 

To stay safe on your paddleboarding adventures, we always recommend using a leash to so that you stay attached to your board. It’s easy for a buoyant paddleboard to float out of reach in a strong current.

We have a selection of SUP leashes which are strong and durable. Choosing the right one depends on the size of your board.

Generally, your leash length will need to correlate with the length of your board in order to prevent injury when falling off and to make it easier to retrieve your board, particularly in turbulent water conditions.

Coil leashes are a firm favourite for SUP riders as they stay spooled up and out of the way to minimise tangling.

SUP pumps

Our efficient SUP pumps will ensure that you spend more time on the water, and less time preparingfor the water.

The high-pressure pumps are designed to ease the inflation process. For best results, make sure the pumpcan inflate the board to its recommended pressure rating.

Our range includesdual action pumps. These allow air to pump into the board on both the up and down strokes to minimise the inflation time. This only works effectively at low pressures. When higher pressure is achieved, the single action can be used to more easily pressurise the board to its maximum.

We also sell pumps that are capable of inflation and deflation. The deflate function really helps with packing away your board.

SUP seats

Our SUP seats provide the opportunity to sit back in comfort or enjoy a kayak-style boarding experience. Perfect for longer trips, a seat will allow you to diversify how you enjoy your board.

All our seats are highly practical as they can be easily removed, attached or adjusted by connecting the clips to the four D-rings, which you’ll find onall of our inflatablepaddleboards. The seats can also be folded, which makes them easy to transport and store.

Buoyancy aids

Our buoyancy aids will help to keep you safe when participating in any water sport. We especially recommend a buoyancy aid if you are new to paddleboarding and may be prone to falling into the water.

Our 50N buoyancy aids have four straps and buckles to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

SUP clothing for men, women and kids

We also stock a full range of mens, womens and kids wetsuits, rashvests and neoprene accessories that will ensure you are kitted up and ready to go in all seasons.