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If you are looking for the perfect SUP paddle, Two Bare Feet is the perfect place! Our paddleboard paddles come in four different varieties - aluminium, fibreglass hybrid, carbon hybrid, and full carbon fibre - each designed to suit your individual needs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, we've got you covered.

Our paddles are also designed to separate into two or three pieces (shaft extension, shaft, and blade for a three-piece; paddle with shaft extension on a two-piece) making them easy to store and transport. No more struggling to fit your unwieldy paddle into your car!

We strongly recommend adhering to your SUP paddle’s advised maximum length. For more information on putting together and using your paddleboard paddle, please refer to our SUP user guide.

Aluminium paddles for paddleboarding

Aluminium paddleboard paddles provide good all-round performance. Being adjustable, they are suitable for use by riders of all ages and sizes.

The shaft is constructed from 2mm thick hollow aluminium tubing and the SUP paddle blade itself is made of 120 square inches of polypropylene plastic.

Our aluminium SUP paddle is available as a standard 3-piece build that affords great general use capabilities and easy storage and transportation.

Fibreglass hybrid SUP paddle

Our Fibreglass hybrid paddles are designed to bridge the gap between aluminium and carbon shaft paddles and are available in either a two-piece or three-piece design.

Offering a more affordable but still lightweight option, the fibreglass shaft sheds over 200 grams of weight from the paddle overall when compared with its aluminium equivalent. And given their modest price point, they make a great option for first-time buyers to get hold of a paddle that will help cover longer distances without as much fatigue.

Like the aluminium and carbon hybrid options, the fibreglass model also features a PP blade so if this is your first paddle, you can rest assured that you still have that durability.

Carbon hybrid paddleboarding paddle

If you're on the hunt for a lightweight paddle that won't weigh you down, our our carbon hybrid SUP paddle might just be the perfect fit. . While it's not quite as light as our Carbon Pro models, this paddle is still much lighter than your average aluminium SUP paddle.

The blade is made from polypropylene plastic with a 100% carbon fibre shaft, which means it's durable and strong enough to withstand regular use. And because it's made from a hybrid of carbon and plastic materials, you'll get the best of both worlds: a lightweight construction with the added strength and durability you need to tackle any adventure on the water.

Carbon Pro SUP paddle

If you're looking for a stand-up paddle that's both lightweight and high performing, our fully carbon adjustable stand-up SUP paddles are a perfect choice. Similar in design to our standard aluminium models, these SUP paddles are made with much lighter materials, reducing rider effort and fatigue by roughly half the gross weight. As a 100% carbon fibre paddle, both the blade and the shaft are made of the same material. This makes them an excellent option for touring over long distances or racing where endurance is key.

SUP paddle flotation

Fibreglass Hybrid, Carbon Hybrid, and Carbon Pro SUP paddles are guaranteed to float if dropped while riding. And our aluminium SUP paddles will sit just below the water surface.

We recommend that all paddleboard paddles, regardless of their construction, should be attached to your inflatable SUP board with a leash. Even if your SUP paddle does float, it’s still possible for you to be separated from the paddle – especially in a strong current.