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Using an efficient iSUP pump (inflatable stand-up paddleboard pump) can significantly lessen the time and energy it takes for you to inflate your paddleboard.

At Two Bare Feet, we recognise that less time pumping results in more free-time on the water. Therefore, we offer a range of quality paddleboard pumps­­ at reasonable prices.

Our pumps are not limited to paddleboard use – they can be used to inflate kayaks and other inflatables.

When selecting one of our exclusive package options with your chosen paddleboard, you’ll notice that they all include our high-performance Bravo 4 Dual Action Hand Pump.


Two Bare Feet High Pressure 27.5psi Single Action Hand Pump 

This high-pressure, single-action hand pump is engineered to deliver a maximum pressure of 27.5psi.

With strong grips and a stable foot plate, you’ll soon be able to develop a technique to pump up your board.

At 19” in height, this pump is easy to transport and store.


Two Bare Feet HP2 High Pressure High Capacity 27.5psi Inflate/Deflate Single Action Hand Pump

Our HP2 high-pressure pump has similar advantages and specifications to our single action counterpart. It can pump a board to a high maximum pressure of 27.5psi and is built to provide stability when pumping.

This model additionally possesses the ability to inflate and deflate which really makes a difference when packing away your board.  Its vibrant colour (yellow) also affords greater visibility.


Two Bare Feet Bravo 4 High Pressure High Capacity 27.5psi Inflate/Deflate Dual Action Hand Pump

Like our other pumps, the Bravo Dual Action model inflates to a maximum of 27.5psi.

What makes this pump stand out is the dual action and inflate and deflate functions which are ideal for achieving quicker inflation and deflation speeds – whilst also reducing the impact on aching arms.

At 20” high, this pump is perfect for transporting and storing.


Get the best from your SUP pump

When purchasing a paddleboard pump, we advise that you check the maximum PSI capability. Choosing a quality pump that can adequately match the recommended PSI of your paddleboard will allow you to get your board fully inflated to unleash its full potential.

While it may initially appear easy to pump your paddleboard, we highly recommend reading our iSUP user guide so that you can know how to use your pump most effectively. A little practice using your pump will go a long way to help you develop your technique, pumping speeds and the stamina required to complete the job easily.