SUPs for Large Riders

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SUPs for large riders

At Two Bare Feet we recognise our various customer needs, which is why we specially design a range of inflatable stand up paddle boards (iSUPs) to suit larger, taller or heavier riders.

As a rule, large riders will require a bigger board. Wider decks will provide more lateral stability (side to side) and manoeuvrability, whereas a longer board will help you glide straighter through the water.

Increased buoyancy is also essential when large riders use a paddleboard. Therefore, most of our SUPs for large riders are 6” thick, in order to make the board more stable under a heavier load. The optimised design of our SUPs ensures there is always a decent balance between board maneuverability, turning and speed.

SUPs suited to large riders can also be an ideal option for families. These boards will often have standard or extra-large storage capacity for cargo and should have enough volume to float an adult rider as well as a kneeling passenger – or canine companion.

Alternatively, the Allround XL and Allround / Surf options in this category are designed to be suitable for the widest range of riders – manoeuvrable enough for a young child, yet stable enough for a large adult.

Allround XL SUPs

Our Allround XL SUPs are ideal for heavier riders looking for an everyday board which can perform across a range of SUP disciplines.

Similar to the standard Allround boards, our Allround XL SUPs cater for a wide range of rider experiences – from first-time paddleboarders to seasoned pros.

Touring SUPs

We also sell a variety of touring SUPs which have a board thickness of 6” – providing the buoyancy and stability associated with our Allround XL boards. In addition to handling heavier loads, these SUPs are also geared towards cruising over longer distances.


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Surf SUPs for larger riders

Being bigger doesn’t exclude you from catching waves like a pro. Our 10’6” Aerostar Allround / Surfboards are suitable for slightly larger riders who enjoy taking an iSUP out on calmer waters but want the flexibility to dip into some surfing or white-water action too.

Choosing a SUP

Whether you choose a longer or wider board depends on your personal preference, as well as how you intend to use it.

Before making your purchase, it’s worth noting the maximum payload and volume of the paddleboard to ensure it’s the right one for you. You don’t really want to exceed the advised maximum payload as this can generate drag and instability in the water.