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Beginner/ Entry SUP

At Two Bare Feet we have an incredible selection of inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUPs). No matter what your skill or ability level, we’re confident our boards will turn you into a hardcore paddleboarding enthusiast.

Among our SUP range is a substantial collection of boards perfect for those riders who may be just starting out with iSUPs. What’s more, you won’t need to worry about investing in all the right equipment, since each paddleboard is sold with one of four accessory package options.

Our beginner SUPs are available in several styles and colours – whether you are interested in surfing or touring or simply looking for a decent allrounder. In addition, we offer an exclusive range of Allround XL SUPs, specially designed with taller or heavier riders in mind.


Allround SUPs for beginners

Our versatile Two Bare Feet Allround inflatable SUPs will allow you to sample a wide variety of paddleboarding disciplines.

Designed to offer a balance between stability, manoeuvrability and speed, these durable, high quality SUP boards are a great choice for beginners.

We recommend the following Allround models to new paddleboarders:


Entry-level Allround XL SUPs

Like our standard Allround paddleboards, our XL range is perfect for riders of all abilities who are seeking a board that will offer a variety of riding experiences. The key difference with these SUPs is that they are specifically engineered to cater to larger and heavier riders. 

If you need an XL board and are relatively new to paddleboarding, consider these models:

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Allround / Surf SUPs for beginners

Our Allround / Surf style boards are for those who primarily enjoy riding the waves or white water.

At 4.75” deep, these boards provide enough volume and stability for staying afloat, while allowing for greater manoeuvrability through choppier waters.

If you are beginner considering a surf-style board, our Inviato Allround / Surf 10’0” x 35” x 4.75” and Aerostar Allround / Surf 10’6” or 10'0'' models are manageable boards to get you started. They are a great beginner option on account of their additional width, which provides stability for those just getting used to paddleboarding.


Entry-level touring paddleboards

Our Two Bare Feet Touring iSUPs are ideal for long-distance cruising on the water. Being much longer than an allrounder, the length creates a long, flat planing surface that allows the boards to glide smoothly and quickly and provides straighter tracking. They can also be easily loaded with equipment for your journey.

If you are more taken by the idea of ambling along rivers, still lakes or point-to-point excursions on open water, then the Entradia 11’6” x 34” x 6” and Phatpad 12’0” x 33” x 6” are two paddleboards which are particularly beginner-friendly. They are long enough to be effective touring boards, without being too cumbersome to manage.