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Two Bare Feet 12’0” iSUPs

Featured in Two Bare Feet’s touring category, our 12’0” paddleboards are designed to perform well when paddling over long distances.

12’0” is considered a standard length for a touring style paddleboard. It creates an elongated board shape which affords straighter tracking and higher speeds in comparison to an Allround SUP (stand-up paddleboard).

Offering slightly greater speed and buoyancy than our 11’6” Entradia model, combined with better handling than other larger touring SUPs, our 12’ boards deliver superb performance. A 12’ board should achieve a well-balanced compromise between speed, manoeuvrability, stability and straighter tracking when used on longer outings.

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All of our 12’ paddleboards have a 6” thickness which is typical for touring purposes. This allows for increased buoyancy. On top of that, the 6’ thick design sustains a greater weight capacity – perfect for carrying extra cargo on a longer journey.
With increased volume, the board will sit higher in the water. This promotes speed and extra glide with each paddle stroke: great for long-distance journeys.

Our boards are also inflatable to an air pressure rating of 18psi in order to ensure you receive the stiffest SUP available. 

two paddleboarders on the sea during sunset two paddleboarders on the sea during sunset

Our 12’0” inflatable SUP selection

Two Bare Feet’s 12’0” SUPs are available in two different models to cater for different budgets and style preferences. Both the Archer and Sport Air 12’0 SUPs feature the exact same dimensions, using the squared-off tail, pulled in nose and narrow 33” width to maximise glide.

The differences between the two come down to the technologies used to create the most rigid, high-performance board possible for the price point. The Archer uses a double stiffening strip setup, which maximises rigidity with minimal material and weight additions.

The Sport Air instead uses a Tough Fusion DWF fabric which adds an extra PVC layer, not only increasing rigidity but also durability.  

Two Bare Feet’s 12’ board options and accessories

All iSUPs sold by Two Bare Feet are available in a range of colours, giving you the chance to choose a board which matches your personality and tastes.
We also provide a choice of accessory packages with each board. When choosing an inflatable paddleboard, you will be able to select one of the following options:

- SUP Starter Pack
- SUP Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Pack
- SUP Deluxe Carbon Hybrid Pack
- SUP Ultimate Pack