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Two Bare Feet 11'6" iSUPs

Two Bare Feet’s range of 11’6” SUPs have been specifically designed for distance paddling on all types of water: from rivers and flat water lakes to oceans.

The extra length and narrower extended nose and tail sections offer more controlled tracking and better straight-line speed than our all-round paddleboards. They are a great option for longer stand-up paddling sessions, as you can cover more distance with every stroke.

Although 11’6”as a board size is still considered slightly short for a touring-style paddleboard, its innovative design makes it better suited to entry-level and smaller, light weight paddlers. It is easier to manoeuvre and control when compared with our 12’0” touring board.

Entradia 11’6” touring SUP

Currently the only model in this size category, the Entradia is incredibly popular thanks to its ease of use for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders alike.

It features a 34” wide deck which makes it incredibly stable – a potential source of comfort and confidence if this is your first paddle board.

Decent width is paired with a depth of 6” – the end result being a line of stable boards offering good rigidity, and plenty of volume and comfort for small- to-medium sized paddlers looking to paddle greater distances with ease.

paddleboarder in the distance paddleboarder in the distance

It’s also a practical choice for those in need of a stable floating platform, such as anglers and SUP yoga practitioners.

In addition, this touring model has enough free space for you to carry all your typical equipment and extra gear – perfect if you are setting off on a family excursion or solo long distance voyage.

The 11’6” Entradia iSUP can also be used as an everyday board for larger riders who exceed the weight capacity on our all-round SUPs. However, we do carry a line of all-round XL SUPs which specifically cater to this category.

Family friendly 11’6” inflatable board options and accessories 

All iSUPs sold by Two Bare Feet are available in a range of colours, giving you the chance to choose a board which matches your personality and tastes.

As part of a great price, we also offer a choice of accessories with our inflatable paddle board  packages. When choosing an inflatable board, you will be able to select one of the following options:

- SUP Starter Pack
- SUP Deluxe Fibreglass Hybrid Pack
- SUP Deluxe Carbon Hybrid Pack
- SUP Ultimate Pack