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Two Bare Feet’s range of 11’6’ stand up paddle boards (SUPs) are specially designed for distance paddling – whether it be on rivers, lakes or oceans.

Although 11’6”is considered shorter for a touring-style paddleboard, its design makes it slightly more controllable and manoeuvrable when compared with our 12’0” or 12’6” touring boards.

At Two Bare Feet, our 11’6” touring boards offer straighter tracking and speedier paddling than our all-round paddleboards. They are a great option if you are seeking a longer and more laid-back excursion.


Entradia Touring inflatable SUP

  • - 11’6” – shorter length for touring board
  • - 34” – above average width for touring board
  • - 6” – Standard board thickness for touring board
  • - Single air chamber
  • - Constructed using Double Wall Fusion (DWF) PVC
  • - Standard storage capacity
  • - Heat moulded EVA deck grip

Our 11’6” Entradia Touring inflatable SUP is a popular model for distance paddling, especially amongst teens and smaller adults. It has an elongated shape which is moderately shorter than our other touring-style boards. This slightly increases the manoeuvrability and control whilst its 34” width affords super stability, resulting in an overall good performance on distance-outings.

The Entradia Touring SUP offers a strong balance between straight tracking and high buoyancy, allowing you to glide smoothly and pick up speed.

In addition, this touring model has enough storage capacity for you to carry all your equipment and supplies on board–perfect if you are setting off on a longer voyage.

The 11’6” Entradia iSUP can be used as an everyday board for larger riders who exceed the maximum payload on our Allround SUPs. However, we do carry a line of Allround XL SUPs which specifically cater to this category of paddleboarders.


TBF's range of 11'6" inflatable SUP boards


Why purchase an 11’6” paddleboard from Two Bare Feet?

At Two Bare Feet quality comes first. Our inflatable paddleboards are constructed using Double Wall Fusion (DWF) PVC to ensure high rigidity and increased durability, since glue is not used in the lamination process. Risk of damage to the layers is also lessened through using this technology.

In addition to this, our boards are inflatable to the maximum air pressure of 22.5psi – the highest rating of any iSUP on the market. This makes the boards exceptionally sturdy and stable on the water.

If you decide to invest in one of our paddleboards, you will see that they are available in a range of colours to suit your style. We add significant value to your purchase with our SUP package options which will supply you with all you need. These options include: