Kids Silicone Mask Snorkel & Fins Sets

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Kids 3 Piece Diving

Snorkelling is a great activity for the whole family, regardless of age or ability. Here at Two Bare Feet, our Kids 3-piece diving set are a great option to outfit the younger members of the family too.

Our mask and fin snorkelling sets are also a useful aid in helping your children learn how to swim. The mask enables them to enjoy an unobstructed view underwater, whilst using a snorkel can help build confidence as they no longer need to hold their breath. A child new to swimming will find the extra power gained by wearing fins will help them to practise their technique.

Our kids three-piece diving sets come complete with a mask, snorkel and a pair of fins – everything needed to dive straight in. All sets, which are suitable for children up to the age of 12, come with a convenient mesh carry bag making them easily transportable and perfect to take on holiday.

Undoubtedly your child will want to spend all day in the water. Make sure they have protection from the cold, coral, and UVs with one of our children's wetsuits or join in on the fun with your own wetsuit.

Diving Masks

All our masks within these sets benefit from a soft silicone skirt, meaning that they are super comfortable to wear and won’t leave unsightly red marks on the face after being worn. A comfy mask is essential for all divers, but especially important for children, in order to not detract from the fun of being in the water. The silicone also creates a reliable seal, preventing any potential leaks.

Our child snorkelling masks all boast a single lens, made of tempered glass for added strength and durability. A single lens feature ensures an uninterrupted panoramic view, meaning your child won’t miss a thing when underwater.


kids silicone mask fin flippers set



Choose between either a standard or dry top snorkel, both of which include a comfortable silicone mouthpiece, as well as a handy clip for your child to attach their mask.

A standard snorkel, featuring a splash guard to prevent most water entering the tube, is a great choice if your child will mostly be swimming in the pool, or primarily just along the surface of the water.

Alternatively, our dry top snorkel is perfect if your little one wants to be more adventurous in the water. Its unique valve technology prevents any water from entering the top of the snorkel, even when fully submerged.

Snorkel Fins

With a choice of two styles of fins available with our kids snorkel gear, your child is guaranteed to experience some impressive power and speed.

Both types of our fins feature fully adjustable straps, meaning they can be worn for years and years without being outgrown. They also benefit from soft foot holds, designed to be worn barefoot, meaning they can be put straight on without any fuss.