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Adults 3 Piece Diving

With the abundance of beautiful underwater sights yet to be discovered, it’s no surprise that snorkelling is growing in popularity. However, as with many water sports, having the correct, high-quality equipment is essential in order to get the most out your time in the water – no-one wants a leaking mask to cut their dive short.

Here at Two Bare Feet we are passionate about helping you have the best experience possible, so we have created a selection of exclusive 3-piece snorkelling sets, complete with maskfins and snorkel – all you’ll need to dive straight in. You can also choose from a range of wetsuits for the whole family to ensure you stay confident around coral or in cold water.

Each of our sets comprises of a combination of different styles of kit, in fully matching colour schemes. Check out our full product breakdown below to help you choose your ultimate set.


Snorkel Masks

All masks available as part of our three-piece sets are constructed from high-quality silicone, making them incredibly comfortable, even when worn for long periods of time. Our masks benefit from a tempered glass lens, making them both durable and safe.

Within this range, you can choose between double or single lens masks – we’d recommend a single lens if you want an unobstructed view of the underwater sights and double if you’re looking for a more lightweight and transportable option. Finished with a nose pocket to prevent water from going up your nose when underwater and an adjustable silicone strap for the perfect fit, you can’t go wrong with a snorkelling mask from Two Bare Feet.



When deciding on which 3-piece snorkel gear to go for, you have the choice of either a standard or a dry top snorkel. Our standard snorkels are perfect if you plan to swim along the surface of the water, benefitting from a large splash guard which reduces the chance of water entering the top of the snorkel’s tube.

If you’re looking for an uninterrupted dive below the water’s surface, a dry top snorkel is your best bet. Its unique valve technology stops any water from entering the tube, even when completely submerged, allowing you to breathe as normal.

All Two Bare Feet snorkels feature a super soft silicone mouthpiece, as well as a handy clip for attaching it securely to your mask.

  Adults 3 piece diving sets types


Diving Fins

All our 3-piece adult snorkel sets offer you a choice of three different types of silicone fin: the F52, the F70 or the F75 diving fins.

The F70 features a dual composite design for added strength, as well as a soft foot hold and adjustable heel strap to ensure they’re super comfy to wear. Whilst designed for bare feet, these fins can also be worn with a pair of wetsuit socks.

Whilst similar in structure and performance to the F70, the F52 diving fins are finished with cutaway holes in the fin blade, reducing their water resistance. This means they will be slightly easier to swim in than the F70s, but unable to generate as much speed – the perfect fin for those of you who want a more relaxed snorkelling experience.

Alternatively, our F75 are the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a more serious diving session. Their hydrodynamic design ensures that anyone lucky enough to dive in them will experience optimum power with minimum effort, whilst the continuation of one material throughout the fin guarantees the smoothest of underwater motions. These fins must be worn with diving socks or boots, making them perfect for snorkelling in the cold waters off the coast of the UK.