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Longboards At Two Bare Feet

From carving boards to pintails, our current collection of complete longboards are priced so low you'll be wondering what the catch is. You'll be pleased to know there isn't one - just top quality skateboards and materials at affordable prices, meaning you can get into longboard culture without damaging your wallet! The decks on all of our boards are made up from several layers of maple wood with a layer of grip tape on the top of every board to give you amazing grip whilst riding.

Longboarding is perfect for all abilities as it is super easy to learn. We still always advise to wear protective equipment such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads and hand protection.

Cruise with even more speed and eat up the miles with a longboard, a way better mode of transport than walking! Longboards are really taking off in the UK and our range of complete longboards offers plenty of shapes and styles for every taste. We're confident that no matter your skill level, there's a longboard at Two Bare Feet for you.

About Our Longboards

All our Two Bare Feet longboards can be divided into types depending on what you want to do with them. You'll find the most common types and phrases are freeriding, cruising and carving:

Freeriding longboards are perfect for tricks and slides. Due to the drop-through trucks, your centre balance on these boards is quite low. The symmetrical shape of this board will never fail to exceed expectations. With these boards there are no limits as they are a perfect all round board which makes them suitable for all.

Cruisers are a mixture between a longboard and a skateboard. Due to the setup of these boards you will get an amazing smooth ride wherever you ride. These boards will not disappoint if you are looking for a commuting board as these are ideal. The kick tail allows you to make extremely easy, smooth manoeuvres.

Carving longboards are more suited for those who want to perform long and deep turns rather than building speed. These boards will give you the versatility to perform carving tricks as well as slower cruising. The pin/kick tail gives this board amazing manoeuvres especially around corners. These boards are good for beginners as well as those who want to perform tricks. These boards give amazing driving experiences as well as a super smooth ride.  

Longboard shapes, for different ride conditions you need the most appropriate board.

The above graphic gives a simple view as to which board shape is best for each riding style. It is important to remember that YOU decide how and where you want to ride - these aren't rules, just advice and guides to help you find your perfect longboard match.

Longboard Trucks

Depending on which board you have will determine whether you have top mount or drop-through trucks. Different trucks will give a longboard different performance levels.


Drop-Through Trucks give you more stability and help with balance as there is less of a distance between the deck of the board and the ground. When building speed downhill or performing slides, a low centre of gravity comes in useful.

Top Mount Trucks are on most carving and cruiser boards to give you an amazing smooth ride as well as performing smooth carving tricks. Top mount trucks are attached onto the underside of the deck

Longboard Wheels

The wheels on your long board make a big impact on it's performance.

If you have larger wheels, this will allow you to build speed due to the larger diameter. If you have harder wheels, you will find it easier for tricks as they are very easy to slide. Soft wheels will allow for a more smooth and comfortable ride as well as having amazing grip.

Which Board Is For Me?

When choosing which skateboard is the right one for you, you must look at:

  1. Maximum Weight: you will find this in the additional information section of all the long boards at Two Bare Feet. This can effect the performance of the board. Remember the bigger the rider, the bigger the board.
  2. Length, width and flex: you need all of these factors to match your body shape and size. 
  3. Riding Surfaces: where do you plan on taking your new Two Bare Feet long board? You need to think about the surfaces you will be riding your new board on as you do not want the board to disappoint.
  4. Your Plans: think about what you want the board for, is it for tricks or simply cruising?

Take all of these factors into consideration to find the perfect board for you.