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On top of a wide-range of baby and toddler wetsuits, at Two Bare Feet we offer an array of excellent swim packages. to get your little one enjoying the water.

Each wetsuit set is available in three package options: Essentials, Deluxe and Premier.

The combination of items featured in your selected package will depend on the wetsuit you choose.

Baby swimset items

Alongside your chosen wetsuit, our swim accessory sets may include some (or all) of the following products:

Swim nappy

Perfect for swimming in the local pool or visiting the beach, our swim nappies are comfortable, reusable and easy to clean.

A great alternative to regular disposable nappies, swim nappies will save you time and embarrassment by containing small accidents in the water. The elasticated Lycra cuffs on the waist and legs are also used to limit the likelihood of leaks.

You’ll also save money through not having to repeat buy disposables, and as this reduces potential waste, you’ll also be helping to preserve the environment.

Two Bare Feet’s swim nappies can be worn alone, without a disposable nappy. They are easy to change and will take the stress out of toileting.

Neoprene nappy shorts

Our nappy shorts act as another great replacement for disposable nappies when swimming. They are easy to clean, and their excellent quality means they can be reused repeatedly after washing.

Made from stretchy neoprene material–with Lycra cuffs on the waist and legs– ensures great comfort, and drastically reduces the risk of leaks.

To ensure extra warmth in the water, combine our nappy shorts with baby swim wetsuits or baby wraps.


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Baby swim vest

Our baby swim vests are an excellent addition to your little one’s swim wardrobe. Designed to increase an infant’s safety in the water, these vests will fit comfortably over your child’s costume without compromising on their movement.

Give your baby some extra buoyancy in the water with the eight removable floats which you will find inside the vest. With such added support for your child, you’ll find our vests to be excellent aids for swimming training. Although they can inspire confidence, keep in mind that these vests are intended as training aids as opposed to life jackets, so don’t rely on them to guarantee floatation.

To save you time, our baby swim vests can be taken on and off with ease due to the uncomplicated front zip and Velcro tab, which promotes a secure fit. The flatlock seams ensure comfort, whilst the 2mm thick neoprene will keep your child warm in the pool. UV sun protection is provided over covered parts of the vest.

Swim bag

Planning an outing with a young one can test any parent’s organisation skills. To make life easier, keep all your baby’s swimming essentials in one place with our drawstring swim bags.

Durable and machine washable, these bags are perfect for any swimming excursion – whether it’s to the local pool or the beach. Alternatively, they can be used for a variety of other activities.

You’ll be able to pack all you need within the large compartment area (42 x 34 cm) while the hard-wearing polyester material will ensure your bag remains usable for years.

Junior swim towel

Packing a quality towel is a must where water is involved, which is why they are included in many of our swim sets.

Durable and gentle on the skin, our junior swim towels are designed with babies and toddlers in mind. With a 102cm x 61cm measurement, you’ll have no trouble wrapping up your child so that they feel snug and warm after leaving the water.

Getting your towels ready for the next adventure will not be a big deal, as they can be machine washed and tumble-dried.

Baby wetsuit set options

Our Essentials, Deluxe and Premier baby swim set packages are available with the following wetsuits: