Winter Wetsuits

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Winter Wetsuits

Guaranteed to keep you warm, our extensive range of winter wetsuits is favoured by those willing to brave the seas during winter months, or swimmers and divers venturing into colder waters.

Men’s Winter Wetsuits

Our men’s winter wetsuits are available in a variety of thicknesses, depending on your preference. The Two Bare Feet Thunderclap 5/4mm winter wetsuit offers an impressively reassuring 5mm neoprene layer. You’ll be kept super toasty in this suit, no matter the time of year.

While thick enough for optimal insulation, our wetsuits never restrict movement. Super-stretch neoprene allows for full range of motion and flexibility, making the suit perfect for all manner of water sports – including surfing, diving and swimming.

Our men’s Thunderclap winter wetsuit is also available in a slightly thinner 4/3mm neoprene. Whilst this suit will provide extra warmth when underwater, being thinner means it will also be suitable for use during autumn and spring months, as well as any especially cold summer days.

The thinner variation of the Thunderclap suits is more lightweight, proving more stretch and mobility in the suit. As with our thicker winter wetsuit, it’s an ideal choice for swimming, diving or bodyboarding expeditions.

Both Thunderclap suits are available in either black or navy and feature a simple yet sleek design. They also benefit from an ergonomic panel layout, designed to aid your swimming technique and enhance your performance on the water.

Our men’s winter wetsuit range is completed with the Two Bare Feet X5 Pureflex Wetsuit. This suit offers super thick 5mm SCR neoprene all-over, providing complete protection from even the coldest waters. This means that no matter the weather, you can get out and enjoy the sea, whether you prefer surfing or paddle boarding.

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Women’s Winter Wetsuits

Our bestselling Thunderclap winter wetsuit is also available in women’s fit. The 5/4mm women’s wetsuit is the perfect option for those of you venturing into extra cold or especially deep water. The 5mm neoprene layer will ensure your torso remains warm, whilst the slightly thinner material of the arms and legs allows freedom of movement.

The Thunderclap 4/3mm Women’s Wetsuit retains the excellent mobility and comfort as its thicker counterpart. However, it can also be worn throughout autumn and spring – ideal for those of you who want to swim all year long!

Being thinner also makes these suits more lightweight, providing the wearer with more flexibility and reducing restriction. As with the 5/4mm variation, these wetsuits are available in either black or navy.

Our women’s winter wetsuits benefit from sealed cuffs and neck, which work to minimise wear on the suit ensuring that they will last for many years’ worth of trips to the sea.

If you’re after the ultimate protection from the cold, look no further than our Two Bare Feet Pureflex X5 women’s winter wetsuit. Boasting 5mm neoprene all over, it is guaranteed to keep you warm for longer. Great for all manner of water sports, this wetsuit will see you through the whole winter, with many years’ worth of wear to be enjoyed.

Kids Winter Wetsuits

We know that water sports are enjoyed by the whole family, all year round. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer a range of junior winter wetsuits, expertly designed to keep your kids warm in the cooler months.

Our Thunderclap Junior Winter Wetsuits come in both 5/4mm and 4/3mm neoprene, ensuring warmth no matter the weather. As with the adult variations, these winter wetsuits don’t restrict movement: each one is expertly made user stretchy neoprene, making them ideal for every kind of water sport.


Here at Two Bare Feet we are experts in all things wetsuit-related. With a huge range of suits and accessories, including wetsuit hoods, boots and gloves, we have all the garb you’ll need for your adventurous pursuits on or under the water.

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